I Love Girls In Dresses

In the reading community specifically in young adult there has been a current trend, girls in dresses. Most people do not like this trend.
The reasons most people do not like this trend
-The covers have nothing at all to do with the contents of the book
-Ultimately, stands for all the bigger issues that young adult readers do not like about the genre (the recycling of plots,originality,etc.)

Honestly, seeing every book with a girl in a dress is boring and unoriginal. Even the coolest cover is old after seeing it on every book. I still like girls in dresses. I have something big and negative to say. First of all ya can be a good genre. However, most of the time young adult books make me angry. Most new ya is not good in my opinion. Most ya is not good because of the above and many more reasons. I’m getting side tracked.

Girls in dresses stand for something different to me. I love historical fiction and in this genre girls in dresses is a given. When I see a girl in a dress it makes me happy.I think of how awesome historical fiction is to me. Despite the annoyance I have with ya most of the time it has not killed my love of seeing girls in dresses. In thinking about the girls in dresses and the issues around it, many different challenges came to mind that I could do.  I thought I could start a challenge to help me bring down my TBR pile of books I own. My challenge will be called I Love Girls in dresses, which will have me reading the books I own of girls in dresses on the front cover.
To end this post I will show some of the books with girls in dresses I have read this year.

(P.s. I read Vixen because it came out on birthday which is December 14th, today.I read The Hobbit because the movie comes out today. I read Les Miserables  which  was supposed to come out on my birthday also but did not.)


Author: themollyweather

I like to read, a lot.

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