2012 Reading/2013 Goals

December was a special month my birthday month. I planned to read only authors that I have liked in the past but that did not happen. Like all my book planning, it does not happen because of my mood. I just finished in November my 100 book challenge. I am praying that I do not find myself somehow rationalizing doing the 100 book challenge again in 2013. I honestly do not do well with any plans I make for reading.
Reading big books
I read more big books than I believe I have read in my reading life and it was fun. It was enjoyable because the books were so awesome. It is awesome to not feel pressure to read quickly to read a bunch of books to reach a numerical goal. That is what bothered me about the 100 book challenge what it did to my reading. I found myself reading at the end of the year not satisfied with the books I read. The big books took most of the time, months to read. I read multiple books at a time so when I needed a break from the books I would just go to another book. I read/listened to the biggest book I have ever read Les Miserables which was really good. I will probably reread it again one day because I know that I missed so much from reading the audiobook and not really listening to the book.
What I love about big books is that they have the time to develop characters and the story. At the end of every big book I cared about the characters. Most of the really big books ( past the 700 or 800 mark) had something happening all the time.
The Really Big Books I Read This Year
Lonesome Dove
Pillars of the Earth
A Storm of Swords
Les Miserables
Some New Authors really Liked
Agatha Christie
Mark Twain
S.E. Hinton
George R.R. Martin
Larry Mcmurty
Victor Hugo
Stephen King
Elizabeth Loupas
Edgar Allen Poe
Dianna Wynne Jones
My Book Goals
-Read bigger books next year
-If I listen to an audiobook I need to half read/half listen to it
-Take at least half of the books on my TBR list off
-Get into more adult fantasy
-Read more mystery
-Read more authors liked in the past
-Read more books with different types of people
I saw blog posts that talk about ya book cover trends. Most of the covers and books have the same type of character story. That fact made me examine the books that I read in 2012. What I found bothered me. This topic about the absence and lack of diversity in literature comes up once in a while people are horrified by the results but that is it. Nothing changes after this realization. It is not just race that is in account characters who have disabilities and so on who just do not get enough attention in media period.
– My biggest goal is to not stress myself about reading
That means that I will probably not read 100 books. I will not super plan what I read. I may not read a book a week. I probably will not finish challenges I started. I want to enjoy reading more than any other goal.I do not want to feel like I have to do this and that. I do not want to suck the fun out of reading.
Closing Remarks
I really did not go indepth with my reading in 2012. It was not a bad year. I learned somethings and hope to be able to say at the end of 2013, the books I read were so awesome.


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