Things You Have To Know About How I Read:19%

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In the process of looking up people deciding not to finish a book a couple of years ago, I found something. I found an article on Nancy Pearl’s stance on when to decide to stop reading a book you do not like. She created the “rule of fifty” which is in her own words “… based on the shortness of time and the immensity of the world of books. If you’re fifty years of age or younger, give a book fifty pages before you decide to commit to reading it or give it up. If you’re over fifty, which is when time gets even shorter, subtract your age from 100—the result is the number of pages you should read before making your decision to stay with it or quit. Since that number gets smaller and smaller as we get older and older, our big reward is that when we turn 100, we can judge a book by its cover!”
Somehow, I made my own rule about when to actively commit to reading a book. This is number when I add it to goodreads as currently reading. I somehow came up with using my age as a percentage which was 19. I was supposed to lower it one year the older I became but that did not happen. I still use this to this day. I multiply the number of pages by 19 and then divide it by 100. The result is the amount of pages I read before I stop reading a book I am not into. There is a exception though.
-I really do not like the book and can already tell it is going to be terrible


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I like to read, a lot.

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