Wintergirls 19%

I reached 19% of a book! I thought this is an achievement at first. I kept picking up books this week and dropping them. This whole process started because  I need a book to read for when Roots gets depressing. Reading Wintergirls by Laurie Halse Anderson is not the best choice for this since it is about eating disorders.  I picked it mainly  for a goodreads group I’m a part of that is doing food related books for a theme  this month.

Wintergirls Impressions/Feelings So Far

  • It honestly right now seems like it will be  a two or three star book
  • It has a certain writing style that could be called lyrical but is confusing to me most of the time
  • It has moments that I feel for the character

Verdict: Drop. At first I thought it was okay to continue this book even though my feelings at 19% was mostly negative. I wrote most of this yesterday and was going to post it today. I woke up and had  an aversion to picking this book back up to read. It had the potential to be something awesome. One of the main problems is the promotion the book uses, it is a contest between girls to see who can be the skinniest. The problem is that made me expect a group of girls battling to be skinniest and showing their struggle with anorexia. Even if the story did not have a group of girls it barely had my sympathy for its one main character. It just needed to stop trying to be lyrical, and just have the reader emotionally invested instead.

Parting comments
When deciding to drop this book I realized something. I’m reading like it is 2012.
2012 Reading symptoms

  • Continuing a book even if I know it is going to be to me a 2 or 3 star, an okay book
  • Feeling like I have to finish a book in a week
  • Feeling like dumping a book for being okay is mean and not giving the book a chance

Dear self, it is 2013 not 2012. These short okay books are not going to cut it. You know that you can do better. You are doing better reading Roots which you like. So it is not a reading slump. Okay is not good enough this year, do not settle for it.
sincerely yourself
p.s. do not go overboard with starting books


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