My Reading Week 1/6/13-1/12/13

I am currently reading Roots by Alex Haley and The Thorn Birds by Colleen McCullough. Prepare yourself there will a ton of gushing about Roots. No spoilers.

I just like it so much. I believe it is the main reason why I have not finished any other book yet this year. I kept picking up books but could not continue them. I felt like Roots was on this level higher than any other book I was reading. I would finish a chapter and just be so happy in a good way. It dawned on me that last year the first book I read was The Hobbit, it was okay. The first book I read in 2011 was Meri something, it was forgettable as you can see. Roots is such a good book to start for this year and my challenge to read books with diversity.
Roots=historical fiction+ Africa +America+ Interesting characters=awesomeness

The Thorn Birds
At the beginning of the week I was so into this book. Then somethings happened that pushed my interest out of the story. It just feels like people are going around in circles. I do not know if it is because of Roots but it is eh right now. It is pretty sad because I have been reading this for months and liked it. I was going to just put this book down and just read Roots by itself. Then I found out the mini series is on demand and comes off of demand in February. I have to finish it in January. I actually do not have that much left 200 something pages and 6 chapters left. Hopefully, next week I will finish it. School starts the next week so we’ll see what happens.

Closing Remarks
I still had some residual feelings from last year about young adult literature and romance. I think that I need to stop trying to read these genres because they make me mad. I am not satisfied with them 100% of the time now. So I will not be buying anymore books in this genre. It is easier and less stressful to let go of these genres than to continue them. All I do is get mad at them. Then rant about them. It is a waste of my time. I will not get rid of the ya or romance books I have but will stop buying them. Maybe one of those books will change my mind. In better news I went to the thrift store. You are probably wondering then where is your bookhaul then? I did not get any books from the resale shop. Mind you it was a different one than the usual one I go to. But they had books that I wanted. I just said no to buying more books.


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