Group Reads – 1


I found a post I was supposed to post earlier. These are my goodreads group reads for January.

  • Food/Drink related theme (probably will read Wintergirls ) did not like this book and dropped it.
  • Anna Karenina ( Don’t own but got it on my ereader because of reading a little in the store. It is awesome) I’m not feeling it right now. Listening to it on audiobook now.
  • East of Eden (is huge, my edition is a bind up including Wayward Bus. The bind up  is five or six hundred pages. East of Eden takes up four or five hundred pages) Not going to probably read it until I finish either A Game of Thrones or Roots. Unless my mood says otherwise.
  • Count of Monte Cristo (mine is abrighed so need to read on my ereader.) I probably will not get to it because I’m read Roots which is a big book. I started Count of Monte Cristo with Les Miserables last year. It was good as far as I read.
  • ( I probably will go read backlog of books in my group especially on months that I do not own or want to read the books.)

Author: themollyweather

I like to read, a lot.

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