Week of 1/13-19

I would categorize my reading for this year so far as starting a bunch of long books.

Bookish Fever

I have caught Game of Thrones fever from HBO reshowing the first and second season. I checked the first  book  out from the library last year and never finished it. It is one of those books that you need to take your time with.So I broke down and just bought the box set. I am reading the first book for the first time hopefully, all the way through.

  • It is amazing to see the story from a perspective of knowing what happens from way in the future that is  book three.
  • Little golden moments that are not in the show or I missed them

(Minor Rant on Spoilers: So I am reading someones posts on tor.com  about the book. The person posting it is reading the book for the first time she asked people to not spoil the story for her. Some people are spoiling the story which is annoying to me even though I read the third book and saw the first and second season. I thought I was immune then someone spoiled something for me. It just makes me so mad. Is it that hard not to spoil something seriously? It is simple anything beyond book 1 is a spoiler. This character developed into… or your right in your predictions for.. is a spoiler. General tip from a Game of Thrones fan to someone coming into the series do not under any circumstances read comments about this series. Spoilers are sneaky and will get you when you least expect it. )

Books Started/Continued
For those books that I read only a little bit of this week. I’m trying to find an audiobook to listen to while doing chores.

  • Martin Chuzzlewits– Started  it a while back to read classic book that I own instead of reading Anna Karenina. Decided to read it some more this week for the same reason. To make a long story short I came to same conclusion as last time just read Anna Karenina
  • Anna Karenina – still cool.
  • Count of Monte Cristo- okay so far. I think I need to read it in addition to listening to it. My eReader is acting like I stole the e-book that is free on the public domain. So hopefully I can stop it from doing that. Then read it.
  • Roots-still reading it. still awesome. Just behind on my reading plan because of The Thorn Birds. I decided to create a new one to put me back on track.

Finished This Week

The Thorn Birds – The beginning half was amazing. The latter half was unbearable and made the entire book feel like a waste.


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I like to read, a lot.

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