Book Haul 1/24/13 Weirdness

I am kind of proud of myself for getting only one book. I am excited to get this book but not that super excited. The psychology that made me not get books this far is making me feel guilty for getting a book in the first place. I have to keep up this psychology to make me not go crazy and buy a bunch of books. However,  have to shut it down because not buying books for an entire year seems unrealistic for me.
Anna Karenina

This is the cover for my book. Yes, I finally bought the physical copy. I feel that for some reason I betrayed my eReader by buying the physical copy.

Random: How to get spoiled for a book. Step 1 look up Anna Karenina in google to see how many chapters the novel has. Step 2 on a totally different day, look up a character chart for the novel. I cannot win with this book. A good issue that I might talk about one day is spoilers in classic books. Basically how easy it is to get spoiled and just the top in general.

My rule is to get rid of one book for every book I buy. On to the great challenge of finding a book to get rid of to make space for Anna Karenina.


Author: themollyweather

I like to read, a lot.

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