At least the numbered ones do {Suck}

I was watching a  video talking about book challenges. I have mentioned it a couple of times (probably to the point that you are maybe annoyed with it by now)  but I did the 100 book challenge last year. I did not mention that I did it two years before that. So coming off of doing  those book challenges my feelings are fresh.

I have a love/hate relationship with book challenges.

Why I hate number challenges

  1. Defeats the purpose of reading. (Most readers read because they like reading. But putting a number goal makes your reading about how many books  you can read in a year. Not about how many books did you enjoy in a year.)
  2. Pressure (It puts pressure on people to finish books every week. If you do not read a book every week you will find yourself behind.)
  3. Forces you to read short books. (depending on how fast you read it is going to take you a long time to read a long book. Some long books may take a month or two. When you set yourself up for a challenge it makes you not pick up long books because you are trying to hurry up and finish books.)
  4. Everything else takes a backseat (I have other hobbies. But doing the numbered challenge made me feel guilty for doing those hobbies.)
  5. I have to make the difference. ( Last year I set my goal on 1 on goodreads. If I set it on one it will not force me to do the 100 book challenge,right? So I reached somewhere in 70 at some point in the year. I couldn’t just be at 70 and not go to a hundred. I can not be so close to a hundred and not go there. That is why I cannot see how many books I finish in a year until the end.)
  6. I can’t be tough on books. ( I as a read am tough on books. I dnf books a lot. When I have a week to finish one or two books  and I have spent two days reading a book. Then I realize I do not like it, it is hard to just drop it. It forces me to continue books I do not like or think is decent/okayish.   )
  7. Not consuming the story. ( Reading books faster is all good until you realize you do not know what happened in the book. I cannot tell you how many books I listened to on audiobook that I did not fully absorb. Les Mis for example  I read probably 200 pages and that took me months. At first I was reading and listening to it. Then I decided to rush, only half listening to it on audiobook. It is funny that I don’t know what happened after those 200 pages. What I know is from sparknotes.)
  8. Cutting Corners (Since I have to cover the distance, I face many problems. When I am at 70 and it is november. I started to read short stories, children books, and graphic novels. These were not really the problem and were all pretty enjoyable actually. When it becomes a problem is when you become okay with not fully knowing what happened or caring. You just want to finish a book.)
  9. Need to read faster. ( I saw this woman who can read 400 books in a year. I will admit I was jealous for a while. Then I thought about I can read 400 books in a year. I calculated it and everything. But why would I need to do that. To say I read x amount books in a year. To finish all the books I own and then what. You are reading on someone elses speed not yours.)
  10. Fear that if I do not finish x amount of books in a month something is wrong. (What bothers me is that this fear has been put into me by this challenge. I did not use to have this fear. I used to just read.)

Book challenges work depend on what type of person you are. I am the type of person who plans a lot. I like setting goals to complete them for the most part. I am the type of person who completes assignments ahead of time in school. In other words I can push myself. I do not need a number challenge to make me read. Read for enjoyment. If you read 300 books or 12 books in a year read for enjoyment. When you are at the point that you do not enjoy the challenge let it go.

I am more lenient on myself with challenges that are not about the number I read. I actually see them as goals and it is okay if I do not complete them.

Why I like other challenges

  1. Variety ( it forces me to read different type of books that are usually out of my scope.)
  2. Helps me pick books ( I have serious book choosing problems. It will take me days to pick one book to read.)

Book Goals/Challenges I aspire to do

  1. Out of the Default or the Diversity is Key Challenge ( Characters who have disabilities, different ethnicities, and etc.)
  2. And Then There Were None (Read half the books I own this year. All these challenges are in conjunction to help me finish this goal)
  3. Random Reads
  4. Book to …
  5. Filling the royal tree ( reading all the books that I  have that royalty in them.)
  6. Read More mystery
  7. Read more adult fantasy
  8. Don’t Forget What You Like !! (read books from authors I liked in the past)
  9. Multicultural Challenge ( read books set outside of America)
  10. Random Challenges ( a list of random reading challenges I made up)
  11. America State by State ( books set in America going by states)
  12. A-Z
  13. I love girls in dresses

Author: themollyweather

I like to read, a lot.

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