341: Roots

When I read the book I did not look at the synopsis.  All knew about it was from what  I remembered from the miniseries.I chose not to put the synopsis because I don’t like it. I feel that for one thing it is too long. In addition it takes away from the ending of the story.

Even before starting Roots  I knew about the plagiarism in general terms. When I finished it so many things popped up.plagarism. forgery. didn’t write the book. The story was really discredited.
I should hate this story now. But I do not.


The Good   The strongest point in the story is when it is with Kunta Kinte. That is when I loved the book. The setting of historical Africa was interesting. I felt like I was there. I cared about every character in the village. I was so invested in the story. I was invested with Kunta Kinte because of seeing him grow from a baby.  Something that really surprised me is that is not just a slave story. There were so many topics that could be  and need to be discussed such as how Americans view Africa. The Ending was emotionally satisfying. I read this book in a month. Yes, I read this book for an entire month. I have to really like a book to read it for that long. Even books that I really like get put down after a week or two.

The Meh the latter half of the book, specifically the characters. They were not fully fleshed out. That is crazy to say about a 688 page book that it felt rushed but it did.

Final Thoughts What surprises me is that I do not have that much to say about the story. Also, when I think about it now I don’t feel that feeling of instant excitement. I feel not that much towards it now. I have to reminisce about the beginning to feel something.

I’m happy that I finished my first book in my goal to read books with different type of characters. It really opened my eyes and makes me want to read more books with characters who are outside of the norm. I would encourage whoever is reading this to do the same.


Author: themollyweather

I like to read, a lot.

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