Bookish Week 1/27-2/2

Finished This Week

Roots  – The beginning was beautiful. Then as the story went on the beauty kept fading. It is still powerful. I just find myself not feeling that sad or emotion toward it now.


  • Our Old World Background (inherited it from my great-grandfather)

Updating Que

    • Anna Karenina– putting down for a while. Not feeling it right now.
    • Exiles (Ruins of Ambrai)-  the work that the author put into creating the world is cool ( graphs and stuff in the back of book) but feels wasted because… feels like style over substance,characters are not built ( do not understand why characters did what they did), and still don’t exactly understand the world. I thought of other fantasy books that I’ve read so far that did/does it better. Verdict: DUMP. Overall it just felt like nothing was happening.
    • Pope Joan– really good but not on the level of when it first began.The annoying love took the magic out of the book.
    • World Without End–  the problems with putting books down for a long time and picking them back up. It is really good so far but I do not remember exactly who every character is and their story.
    • King Arthur and His Knights -DUMP maybe. I want to get another edition that is not confusing.
    • Courting Trouble –putting it down because it is romance. It is good. I just want the building of the romance to be better.
    • Alyzon Whitestarr– putting down because it is ya. It is actually not bad but I am taking a break from ya for a long time.
    • Before I go to sleep– good so far. I kind of want it to be a mystery novel but it is a psychological thriller.
    • Hunchback of Notre Dame– Victor Hugo’s birthday is on February 26th so I’m hoping to finish it by that date. I’m always surprised by how easy it is to get into most classic books. I listened to the first two chapters which made the book feel disjointed. I’m going to have to read this book for the most part. I do not want to do the same thing I did with Les Miserables.
    • Mythology by Edith Hamition- all the awesome supernatural creatures and gods. Awesome!
    • A Game of Thrones (AGOT) -read some more still not into it. I will put it down for a while again. I wanted to finish it before Game of Thrones Season 3 comes out but that does not seem like it is going to happen now.

Random Realizations

  1. I have been reading a lot of historical fiction.
  2. The 100 book challenge was not the only factor in my reading all the time versus doing any other hobbies. I am not all that into my other hobbies right now. This week there were so many people who came over to my house so I could not get on the computer and watch my Korean dramas. So the only thing I could do most of the time is read.
  3. I need to read more nonfiction
  4. I have so many books. First, when my mom helped me organize my room.  She had to help me find places to put my books. I only have two shelves ( a small one and a tall one). Second, when my shelves on my tall bookcase were about to break.

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