Why isn’t there a gisaeng?

I do not know if I have already said this but I love asian culture and  historical fiction. One of my hobbies is looking at asian dramas, specifically Korean. One day after watching an awesome historical korean drama, I had a thought. It would be awesome to read about a gisaeng, a more or less korean geisha.

So I went on google and excitedly looked up gisaeng. What I found made me mad and sad. It sad because asian dramas and culture shows so much more. There is an entire place that is not getting reported on. It makes me so mad because I know for a fact that Korea has so much rich culture. To all historical fiction authors we know that you have all the English families covered can we move on now. I like historical fiction set in England but to realize that is ALL there really is to the historical fiction genre is very annoying/boring.

My Historical Fiction Wishlist

  • Korea ( with a gisaeng would be nice )
  • African America that is not slavery or civil rights movement
  • Africa
  • Anywhere in South America
  • Asia in general really
  •  African-Americans in foreign countries ( like France)
  • Poc in foreign countries
  •  Anywhere outside of America ( that has nothing to do with world wars)
  • Exception: native americans,  it can be in america but just not dealing with any of the world wars, maybe showing the history of a race that is not the average players

Here are some sites if you are like me and have a historical fiction wish list. If you have a historical wish list please comment or post it.


http://blackteensread2.blogspot.com/2010/01/lack-of-people-of-color- in-historical.html#comment-form  (ya/mg recommendations)

http://nisababepraised.wordpress.com/2011/04/21/it-isnt-black-history-month/  (accurate description of how black history is represented)

http://www.bookssetin.com/BookMap.aspx  (find book using a google map)


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