Bookish Week 2/3-9

Main Read

Hunchback of Notre Dame

Updating the Queue ( I have been misspelling it for weeks now)

  • Sacajawea- good but feels like something is missing. I think it is feels rushed, the author does not make me care about the characters, and a lot of things happen that make no sense. I am excusing all of this because the Lewis and Clark part is going to be long. I hope that is why the author is not spending that much time making me relate to the characters. All was okayish, interesting at times.Then something happened that made me hate every character except Sacajawea. I’m going to be honest do not get creeped out. I hope Lucy from Elfien Lied or Carrie  comes and just annihilates the entire village leaving Sacajawea by herself. I thought about it. It is getting dropped. 100 pages and no character investment in a 1300ish book. I just cannot stop thinking about what was I feeling 100 pages into Lonesome Dove, Roots, Les Mis, or even Pillars of the Earth. I have so many books on my shelf. I don’t have time to question should I, shouldn’t I. It probably would have been better as a non-fiction book. That was the only interesting part of the book the customs and stuff.
  • Snow Falling on Cedars- I do not like how it is written.
  • Life of Pi- I don’t like how it is written. So it is put to the side tell next month when the movie comes out on dvd.
  • Tale of Desperaux- I don’t care about the characters so it is dumped.
  • The Secret History of the Pink Carnation- seems like average historical fiction fare. The main characters need something to stand out. Put to the side until further notice.
  • Twentieth Wife- It is really good. The main character seems to get favor easily which is kind of annoying. Put to the side until further notice.
  • Hunchback of Notre Dame (THOND) – awesome. I somehow always amazed at the readability and action in classics. Victor Hugo, I love your books but please stop doing entire chapters about the architecture of France.
  • Me Talk Pretty One Day-okay. Not a memoire person so that might be it. Put off to the side.
  • A Dark Thin Line- good prologue. I felt like I was missing something. I realized it is part of a series.Put off to the side until get first book.
  • Vampire Lestat- Its cool. I think I need to commit to read instead of reading it here and there to get the enjoyment out of it.
  • Anna Karenina – Really good. I find myself reading it even though I am supposed to be taking a break from it.
  • Sultans Wife-okay. It probably suffers from me starting 4 other historical fiction novels. Put down for later.

Random Thoughts/Phases

  1. How many books can I finish in a month? I had this brilliant (and by that I mean was going to fail before it got started) idea of pick 15 books to read a little bit of everyday. So that I could read at the least 11 books a month. That would be 122 books at the least at the end of this year. The main problem is that I felt pressured first of all. Second reading  a little bit of 15 books could make up my entire day. Thirdly, I just did not feel like it after picking 7 or 8 books.
  2. I looked at my reading number in 2011, to see if I am behind or head of myself in books finished. I am actually on track which makes me laugh. I need to chill it out with worrying if I am behind.
  3. Is this what ya readers think all adult literature is like? ( in response to trying to  reading Life of Pi and Snow Falling on Cedars) I just want to pick up a good adult book and put it into their hands. This is not all of adult literature. We can do better. I can do better.
  4. I am still infuriated/sad by there not being enough people of color in historical fiction.

Bookhaul: 25 books, do not worry. This book haul has made me realize I have been being too nice with a lot of these books. It is time to drop some books like there is no tomorrow.

Plans for next week

I am going to finish Pope Joan and Balzac and the little chinese mistress.  I have only under 200 pages left for these books. I’ll listen to Anna Karenina on audiobook. So that means Hunchback of Notre Dame is probably going to be put down until next week.


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