339: Switchcraft

Usually, in my reviews I say that the book started off good and then recedes into a horrible mess. This is not one of those reviews or books.


“Best friends since back in the day, Aggy and Nely are as different as two women could possibly be. Aggie’s slim, stylish, and owns an upscale boutique and a long history of no-strings relationships. Nely has a busy baby, a metiche mother-in-law, and some extra post-pregnancy pounds she can’t quite shed. And when they reconnect at a New Age spa, each friend finds herself wishing just a little that she had the other one’s life.

Big mistake!

Thanks to the metaphysical meddling of a somewhat grumpy guru, Nely is now Aggie and Aggie is Nely–switching bodies, love lives, families, closets . . . everything! The grass may not be quite as green as it originally appeared. As luck has it, they’ll be stuck this way until the next full moon! And with a husband, his very suspicious mama, a temperamental tot, a business on the brink of disaster, and a sort-of boyfriend–not to mention a sleazy stalker–thrown into the mix, Aggie and Nely suddenly find they’re not just walking in each other’s shoes . . . they’re running!”

The Meh 

Switchcraft started off okay. I knew from day one that this book was going to be one of those books that I could not stop and think about. Stopping and thinking about it would mean that all the wrong things lined up like janga would all come tumbling down.

The Bad

The writing. I was confused a large amount of the time. Such as who was who and  what was happening in a scene. Albeit, it might be in result of my reading this book in two days. Then, a lot of the time I would ask myself why is this character acting like this. For example, why would you tell your best friend who recently had a baby she is fat. Then again that was probably supposed  to be funny. Was the book funny? I find it hard pressed to remember me laughing.

The Good

After seeing so many terrible relationships and marriages it was nice to see a good one. To be excited to see a relationship not marred by infidelity or absence of love is a gift.  So the romance is probably the best part of the story. I also really enjoyed the tidbits of insightful things about parenting, relationships, and friendship that  would seep through.

Overall: It was a good book sometimes reaching great but not holding onto it. I find it really weird that Switchcraft seems like it was her first book. While, Hot Tamara is actually her first book which was way better by the way. Switchcraft was two star most of the time but the romance and tidbits give it a half star. I gave Hot Tamara three stars and Swtichcraft is not on the same level. So 2 1/2 stars.


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