Bookish Week 2/10-16

Pope Joan- I liked it. I just feel that the story and Joan did not reach their full potential.
Switchcraft- It left much to be desired.

Updating the Queue

  • Balzac and the little seamstress-  Dumped. I was not feeling it.
  • Deep in the Heart of Trouble { The Trouble With Brides}- I think the story for this one is better so far than Courting Trouble.
  • A Game of Thrones-not into. Just need to read it in March when the commercials will give me Game of Thrones fever.
  • Anna Karenina-good.
  • Fools Die – surprised by how good this book started off.


  • Thinking about how much holding on to books under the excuse of giving them a chance. It is time to be ruthless and get rid of more books.
  • If I get in the 200s for books left to read, I would be so happy.
  • I find it weird that I heard about the Pope retiring while reading Pope Joan.
  • Giving away books is fun. I gave my little cousin some books. I feel like I am helping a fellow reader. I wish people I knew some people who actually read. So I could get and give books.
  • 24 hour book break. I was not into reading and wanted to watch my Taiwanese show, Love me or Leave Me. ( I did not finish seeing it because Hulu started acting up. I started watching Temptation of a Wife.)

Plans for next week

Finishing two books this week makes me want to finish more books. Strange Addiction is back. I want to read something that corresponds to the commercials on there. There are 12 commercials since there are two episodes. That is 120 pages if I read ten pages each commercial break. Honestly, I have a feeling that my plans are not going to work out. I feel like a reading slump is coming along. That is going to be so fun.


Author: themollyweather

I like to read, a lot.

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