Bookish 2/17-23

Updating the Queue

  • The World of Tiers { The Maker of Universes}- I cannot tell if it is the reading slump or I just don’t care for it. I just know that this book seemed like it was going to be a rehashing of the same problems I have been encountering in the last two or three books. I just  dumped the book. It is sad because the world in this book was so different. It was really fascinating. At least I caught this one early versus catching it at the ending half of the book.
  • Anna Karenina- The book that has transported me out of this reading slump.

Random Thoughts

  1. I like these  fantasy books that have been coming my way. What I enjoy extremely is the worlds. Even if I do not like the book the worlds are for the most part interesting.

Reading Slump (Sat-Tue)

I was enjoying The Maker of Universes when something happened to me. I felt like I have been reading books with the same problems. I have been having certain thoughts that I believe put me in a reading slump. It was actually inevitable because I have been having these feeling since last year.

  1. Self doubt. Do I truly like any book? Are my expectations too high for books? Every book I read has the same problems. poor character development, starting off good then gradually losing its awesomeness.
  2. It is actually receding into my Asian drama watching. I cannot do wonky story telling.
  3. No patience. I honestly have no patience to break in another book.
  4. I want something that I am not finding. I want something well-developed in character and story. I am not encountering or picking up books that are like that.
  5. I got into the reading slump right before my order of the sims 3 was delivered. Did my brain subconsciously prepare drop everything for the sims 3 new stuff I bought?

How I (think) I will Break out of the reading slump

  1. Read something completely different.
  2. Take a long break. Play some sims 3.
  3. Stop  self-doubting myself. I need to write this for my future self. It is not your fault. You do not have high expectations. And if you do so what. As long as and as much you read it is a given. You deserve better than average story telling!
  4. Stop putting down good books. a. to finish books that I don’t like but am close to finishing. b. to start new shorter or just plain new books.
  5. Pick up a good book I put down.

I put down…

  • Game of Thrones to finish The Thorn Birds.
  • The Hunchback of Notre Dame to finish Pope Joan and  Switchcraft.

And you know how that went.


Author: themollyweather

I like to read, a lot.

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