Putdowns& No Pick Me Ups { In this year} 2/27/13

Just to give myself a mental picture of how many books I put down and why.

  1. A Game of Thrones- To read The Thorn Birds.Then was not into it.
  2. World Without End – I think I have to go back to remember who is who.
  3. The Hunchback of Notre Dame- To read Pope Joan and Switchcraft. I missed Victor Hugos birthday.
  4. The Trouble with Brides { Deep in the Heart of Trouble- don’t exactly know, Courting Trouble- romance needed to better developed}- taking a long hiatus from romance and ya.
  5. Life of Pi- written in an uninteresting way. Decided to pick it back up in March when the movie comes out.
  6. Secret History of Pink Carnation – needs something to make it different from the average historical fiction book.
  7. Snow Falling on Cedars-written boringly.
  8. twentieth Wife- main lead gets favor too quickly.
  9. Fools Die- reading slump hit.
  10. A Dark Thin Line- not first in series.
  11. Vampire Lestat- have to commit to reading it.
  12. Sultan’s Wife- eh compared to other historical fiction books.
  13. The Luxe- finding so many faults in the first few chapters. Taking a long hiatus from ya & romance.
  14. Alyzon Whitestarr- long hiatus from ya & romance.
  15. Before I go to sleep- want it to be straight mystery instead of psychological thriller
  16. Mythology- Not really sure honestly.
  17. Canterbury Tales- Not into at that moment.
  18. Martin Chuzzlewits-  Picked it up to find a book to read that I owned instead of reading Anna Karenina. Was not into it, read Anna Karenina instead.
  19. Count of Monte Cristo- need a copy I can read. My physical copy is abridged, my digital copy will not let me open it, and just listening to it on audiobook is out of the question since the Les Mi fiasco. Just read Anna Karenina instead.

Author: themollyweather

I like to read, a lot.

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