Reading Week 2/24-3/2

  • Anna Karenina-4/8. Made it to a little past 50%!
  • The Luxe- My claws started coming out after two chapters and a prologue. I am going to have to put this one down and pick it up later.
  • Valley of the Dolls -so far so good.
  • The Twentieth Wife-put down and pick up another time. I cannot tell if it is me needing to get away from historical fiction or this book is just not good so far. My main problem is still her getting favor and the parents saying she is their favorite child.Then the author glazed over a really awesome moment.  Overall need to take a break from Historical fiction for a while.


  1. I missed Victor Hugo’s birthday.
  2. Book/asian drama want: murder,mystery, awesomeness
  3. Put Me Downs & No Pick Me Ups- After my last weekly wrap up I started thinking about my put down pile. I made a list of the books I put down and why.
  4. Further reflection and reading: Anna Karenina encompasses my reading mood/want right now. Someone in my goodreads group did not like the  detail orientednes of the book.I like it. I really need the details and everyday to make me happy right now. I want character development, intricacy, and just characters who are different. Really,honestly, did I ever leave this place is this not the place I have been since  the beginning of the year. Sad realization makes me feel that I pushed some books on myself.
  5. I think I a self-destructive reading problem or something. I read books that are not really what I need to read. Or to sum it up trying to finish a book a week syndrome, it is back. It is making me get into reading slumps and reading depressed. It has to stop , it REALLY has to stop!
  6. I’m really happy with what I’m reading. It is kind of weird.
  7. Bookhaul: got two new books. That is really low for me last time it was 25 books. I’m so close to 299 books ( taking away the books I don’t have the first book to,read, dumped). I’m worried though what happens when I get the first to some of these series that would bring me back to the 300s.
  8. I bought the Game of Thrones season 2 and 3 DVDs so Game of Thrones Fever will be coming back soon. Maybe before the third season comes out March 31.

My plan for next week: Playing it by ear pretty much. Trying not to fall into need to finish a book a week syndrome. I realized this week that the way I planned Anna Karenina that I probably will finish it this month. I kind of want to finish it this week but don’t know what I’ll read next. Crazy as it seems might pick up another classic. Anyway back on topic of next week, just going to read Valley of the Dolls and Anna Karenina.



Author: themollyweather

I like to read, a lot.

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