Reading Week 3/3-9

  • Anna Karenina- 5/8. I was trying to casually no pressure finish this book this week but that did not happen. I have been reading it consistently for an entire month and still like it which is surprising. It should not be knowing how my reading has been going for the past months.
  • Valley of the Dolls- I did not pick it up for a couple of days because of reading Anna Karenina and doing my other hobbies. When I finally did pick it back up I was surprised it is still good. I’m just going to be reading this one slow.


  1. I want to have a classics book haul. I need to post my  list one day. I need to not get anymore books though. ( a few days later) So an even better idea is to use my eReader apps to preview these books then decide by the end of the preview if I like them or not. It is a good plan that may work because I do not have to add anymore books to my books owned. That would be 55(books that do not have first book to).397+55 = 452 (probably less than this because I have some books that are part of the same series. To get back to this number would depress me. It is like I cannot get under 300.
  2. Already foolishly trying to plan next book to read after finishing Anna Karenina.
  3. Taking breaks from reading and just books in general for a couple of days or hours. Reading the signs of not feeling a book or reading in general has really been helping me. I know I probably say this every week but it really is helping me be happy about reading. This blog is really in general is helping me put in perspective a lot of things in my reading life.

Next Week Plan

I will finish Anna Karenina, it will get finished, maybe. I will not put down Valley of the Dolls to finish Anna Karenina. I am not doing another put down of a book I am into to finish another book! I will probally also update on how my book challenges are going.

Next Book

First of all:  NO historical fiction, classics, ya or romance

Second: Iffy another big book, starting new book

Candidates: A. Game of Thrones   B.The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Honestly, it is going to come down to my mood after I finish Anna Karenina. So basically playing it by ear again.


Author: themollyweather

I like to read, a lot.

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