Reading Week 3/10-16


Anna Karenina- this book was read in collaboration of audiobook, e-book, and a physical copy. I will take a while on my review because I need to digest it for a while longer.

Updating the Queue

  • Before I go to Sleep – 86 pages left. This book is so action packed.
  • Tigana- I was looking for books that are past the fifty percent point or close to it. Tigana was six pages from fifty percent. So I read it and it was awesome.
  • Valley of the Dolls- Slowly but surely.


Knowing how much is far enough to judge a entire book is hard. All I can do is read all of the preview then give my opinion on it.

  • The Turning by Jennifer Armintrout (Blood Ties Series)

Should I continue this series? No.
It seems to exemplify most of the issues I have with paranormal romance. I did not like the main character. How she got turned was kind of interesting. But overall I could not be excited or into the book.

  • Deadly Little Secret by Laurie Faria Stolarz(Touch Series)

Should I continue this series? No.
Why? Eh.Insta-love.Poor writing.


  1. Picking My Next Book- A very hard and complicated chose that could take days. Possibly resulting in me reading nothing for a couple of days. It only took about an hour maybe.
  2. Break One {The Internet} – I took two breaks this week from somethings. My first was the internet which was supposed to until Sunday. However, if I ever take a break from the internet it will truly be  planned so much better. Hopefully, I will be in the mood to read multiple books.
  3. After finishing Anna Karenina it probably goes without saying what the other break was supposed to be from reading. Somehow it seems like forces  pushed me to read more.The break without internet and almost a  full day without broadband made me able to mostly read.
  4. Honestly, it seems like forces are pushing me to read more. I try to take a two-day break and end up reading at least one of those days. So my breaks are actually hours versus days.
  5. I need more non-fiction books specifically: historical Russia, gypsies, and the 1800s.
  6. After realizing how close I was to fifty percent in Before I Go To Sleep I decided to pick up other books and reach close to fifty percent. I wanted after reading Anna Karenina to not commit fully to any books. I want all of my reading to fit into 60 pages a day.  So that means if I read  6 books each of them will be 10 pages a day.

Next Week Plan: My reading mood is not to take down a big reading project for a while. So basically everything is as stress less  and planless as possible.


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I like to read, a lot.

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