Reading Week 3/17-23


Before I Go To Sleep- action packed awesomeness.

Valley of the Dolls- I learned some valuable lessons from this book.

Updating the Queue

  • Tigana- I remember another big reason why this book got put to the side. It is sometimey. What that means is it has a moment of epicness. Then a bunch of pages of random stuff that is not terrible but leaves me asking why. I just want this story to get to the nitty-gritty.
  • Fools Die- so unpredictable in a good way. Every ending and beginning of a chapter makes me like it even more. I could not tell you what genre it was in for the longest. It does not conform to a genre so far.  It is awesome.
  • The Time In Between- If I have to go through the main character picking a man The Thorn Birds and Valley of the Dolls style, I will  scream. I do not want to see another chick picking the guy she should not be with. Commence the author trying to sell an epic love story that I do not feel. Then I get to watch the main character act love sickly stupid and get treated like trash. (Put down until further notice. Need to take a break from historical fiction for a little longer.You know what I am being nice. Need to come back when I am not burned from stupid girls.)
  • The Snow Queen Stories- 2/7. I can see this premise making a really good fantasy novel.
  • The Needle in the Blood- It potentially can be action filled. It just does not grab me so far. Is it that I need to give historical fiction a break? Put down until further notice.
  • Savannah Blues-It can potentially be mystery/funny thing. Put down until further notice.
  • Seventh Tower( The Fall)- 19% I can say that the fantasy aspect is different. It has potential to be action packed. I just am not into it. (I decided to dump it. I did not care last year when I read. I do not care this year when it is at 19%.Let me give it away, let someone else enjoy it.)
  • The House of Lost Souls-okay. It had some action and was trying to be foreboding. That was a fail. I was probably sleepy so that maybe it. Just  simply not into it. Put down until further notice.
  • The Good Fairies of New York- I can see were the author is trying to make something funny. I am a hard person to make laugh so hopefully the author can get me later on. Put down until further notice.


  1. Book Choosing for this week was way longer than last week. I knew that I had 60 pages of Before I Go to Sleep left that could not be finished. It could not be finished until I figured out the next book to read. ( It is probably going to be even longer next week,sadly.)
  2. Hans Christian Anderson and Joan D. Vinge’s birthday is on April 2nd. I did not know this until trying to decide if to read The Snow Queen. Joan D. Vinge based The Snow Queen off of a short story with the same name by Hans Christian Anderson. I was going to read the short story and The Snow Queen before their birthday but decided against it. My track record with finishing books before authors birthday is poor so far. I’m sorry Victor Hugo still have not got to it.
  3. Finally free to pick up a historical fiction book, I think. Is Valley of the Dolls considered historical fiction?( I am not cleared apparently. I need to get my hands on a good historical fiction book. Not the ones I have been reading  so far. I probably need to give the ones i have been reading more of a chance and blah blah. I just want to immediately be hooked onto a book not have to read half-way into it.For now more of a break from historical fiction is the answer.)
  4. Kind of addicted to adding preview ebooks to my kobo app. Even though, I have the physical copy of the books. I cannot get them on my eReader which is a  literati. So I was forced to just read them on the computer.
  5. Urge to read young adult literature. It is caused by many things but the possibly most important reason is my Pulse It account. I realized that I can read free books on there. It kind of feels like a waste to not read them. It wasn’t really working when I tried it.Then I decided to read some of these ya books I own. I see the whole thing as a win win situation. If I don’t like it I can just dump the book. Then if I do I can just read it. Either way my own list goes down.
  6. Urge to acquire a new book. I have a small want to go to the library. I would be okay not going to the library. I just need to get a good book in my hands that will take my mind off of the library or aquiring a new book.
  7. Finishing books is awesome. I have been reading really fast which is makes sense looking at my reading for the past years.
  8. I need one of my customary breaks. Every book picked up after finishing Valley of the Dolls has been okay. I want to be excited about these books but that is not so. I need a good break. It might be that I need to take a break from all these genres for some time. I am finding enjoyment in genres that I have not really read or do not read that much in. I may need to stop picking up books and just read Tigana and Fool’s Die.

Next Week Plans: Finish Tigana and maybe Alyzon Whitestarr. Maybe reading something that I was into in the young adult genre will work. I found out that I have only 210 pages left so that is good. I have 223 pages or 6 chapters left. If I read a chapter a day that should do the trick. I usually do not stick to plans so hopefully either way finishing at least one book this week is in the cards. Lastly, I will not forget Fool’s Die in my quest.


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