Reading Week 3/24-30


Alyzon Whitestarr- Thank you Isobelle Carmody, I have not liked a young adult book in a while.

Updating the Queue

  • Moby Dick- I just picked this up to help me fall asleep,did not work. My first impression can be explained in one word wasteful. The extract was eight pages long and  had every quote about whales that exists.  I could excuse the eight pages if the quotes did not seem to be a waste. I feel that the quotes are not going to have any baring on the story. I  have my expectations down but am still reading it. I cannot explain it but I still want to read it. I’m not specifically bored at the moment but can see it could head there. I would recommend using: or
  • The Hunchback of Notre Dame- If I am going to start Moby Dick a book that I expect not to be all that good, then I need to read a classic book that I actually like. Easy to get back into.I just want Victor Hugo to get back into the story and stop talking about his opinion on architecture and stuff. It is still readable but time to move on.
  • Tigana- had to put it to the side. It felt like such a struggle to get through this book. I will pick it up later on and see if my opinion changes on it.
  • Fool’s Die- still good waiting for something. Right now it is setting the background. I will put it down for a while.
  • A Game of Thrones- I find it weird that I just randomly picked up this book. I guess that this is one of the books I need to read right now. It really helped me to get out of the dumps of this week.Another weird thing is that I keep finding events that happened in the show that I did not remember happening. These are really important details.


  1. Planning vs. Finding things at random: I have been making random lists of books on my own pile on certain subjects such as interracial relationships. I thought is it better for me to not plan and discover these qualities about my books, or is it better to plan certain type of books.
  2. I’m really into classics right now. I think it is because of Anna Karenina. After finishing it, I looked up reviews on it. The reviews got me pumped for Anna Karenina in consequence classics in general. I think that the type of books I’m looking for can mostly found in classics. I do not know if this will fail. I  have not read more than two classics together consistently, I think. Then the rest of the week made me rethink reading so many classics.
  3. Bookhaul=36 books.So this week I felt down in the dumps so I needed a pick me up. That is why I have so many books plus the sale on the books was really really cheap.
  4. I was going to go on a classic reading extravaganza but that is not going to happen now.I am going to say something that I thought I would never say. I never really fully understood it until now. I need to read something that is not so thinky. I sit reading my college books for hours on end. Then, to read a book that I have to concentrate to read is not good. I probably would not have a problem with reading classic books but they are making my head physically hurt and some of them (yes, that is you The Hunchback of Notre Dame) focus so much right now on architecture or pushing an idea. I just need  a change of scenery for a bit.
  5. wh  I  realized I have a book with a Eskimo in it.  Moments like this make me happy to rediscover books. I have so many books that books get buried under the pile. I’ll probably not get to White Heat anytime soon so that sucks.
  6. I feel that my plan to read half of the books owned by me is not going well. I just keep getting books. I actually am not stressed about it like I probably should be.I guess the only thing that can be done is to not think about it and continue reading.
  7.  April 21st is Charlotte Bronte’s birthday. I hope that I can finish her book Villette by then.

Plans For Next Week

I am still kind of debating whether to put down most of my classic books: THOND and Moby Dick. I am scared to put them down because they are good books at least The Hunchback of Notre Dame is so far.It worries me a little bit that I am starting Villette on April 1st while putting down two perfectly good books. It seems very much of what I said would not get done. I really have to see if I am truly up to reading these books next week. I know definitely that I want to start on one of my newly bought books. Hopefully, next week will be better for me overall.


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