Bookhaul 3/28/13 + 3/29/13

I was feeling very down in the dumps because of school stuff. I decided to get more books which really did not make me that much happier.

Authors Liked in Past

sl Streets of Laredo by Larry McMurtry- Sequel to Lonesome Dove which was insanely awesome.

texasville Texasville by Larry McMurtry – it turns out that this is a sequel in a series I do not have the first to.

viw need to get the book before it. Well at least I have the first book in the series.

asd I have been waiting to find this book for a long time.

rtc it is not an audiobook.

dc there is a movie to it. I cannot watch it because I scare easily when it comes to movies.


chrestomanci  The Chronicles of Chrestomanci Volume II {The Magicians of Caprona, Witch Week} by Diana Wynne Jones- the first volume was nice and very different.

lw got it to finish Little Women And Werewolves.

untitled – started reading it a while back but stopped reading it for many reasons

Historical Fiction

I have not been into historical fiction in a while. I hope that one of these can change that.





Give Away or Keep

Some of these are the books that I am debating giving away or keeping for my collection. Most of them I got to give to my cousin.

exExtras – I’m on the fence with this series. I was not particularly feeling it when I tried to read it last time.  So I will probably give it away.

flipFlip Flop- gave it away.

heidiHeidi- gave it away. I’ll just read it some other time when I find it.

1212 Again – gave it away.

vVampires Don’t Wear Polka Dots- gave it away.

prin gave it away.

m need to read a little bit then decide.

airheadAirhead- gave it away.

ABC Baby’s First Library- for my cousin.

Numbers Tab-Tots- for my cousin.


Ludlum_-_The_Bourne_Identity_Coverart 200px-Potshot imagesCAB71FV6  turns out that this has a show that has aired everywhere except where I can see it.

Chick lit

I just realized that I found these books when it is getting near Chick Lit month which is in May. I hope that I can at least enjoy one of them.

kw  pb aw sgl


sesameSesame Street – I hope that it will help me with my japanese learning. I have been lagging a bit of late.





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I like to read, a lot.

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