334: Tigana

(Disclaimer:You will see words such as random and pointless being used repeatidly. )

Summary (I will not be adding one because the summary gives away the only surprises to the story)

The Good  The story actually starts off confusing. The beginning was not a problem for me because, I heard about this from people who read it before. I was reading and the story was okay then something big happens.( I will not tell you because it is a major spoiler.)  My point is that there are moments that the book is going along being okay or boring honestly then just awesome epicness happens.The story just puts in a scene that is so vivid and interesting. It made me want to read more. So basically the only good point in this books is the random surprising epic moments.

The Bad/The Meh

Having random rare epic scenes in an almost 700 page book will not make for an overall interesting book though. So to make my rant be structured and readable as possible, I have employed bullets.

  • Romance. At one point the author even makes it seem like there is going to be a romance between two characters. Then at the last-minute he makes people randomly spout their love that was not alluded to in the slightest.
  • The Ending– This book made me actually change my mind about the endings to other books I read this year. I actually appreciate most of those endings now. The ending to this book was so shrug inducing that it is kind of like a meh.
  • Poeticness,dimensions, and just stuff about how amazingly deep this book is. I have been told before and after reading this book on how the characters are multidimensional and the story has dimensions on all this stuff. It does not matter how many dimensions there are if I do not care about most of if any of the characters. Trying to think of a character that I actually cared about while reading this, nope none. Wait, there was one who I sympathized with then the author turned that into mush too. It does not matter how poetic or lyrical a book is written if the content is blah. I spent most of the time being bored with the characters and waiting for them to make me care. Down to the core of everything I  just do not get it all around. I just did not see the dimensions to character or story. I just never felt any story or character investment.
  • Random completely pointless sex. All I can say is that it was a waste of paper and time.
  • Halfway Point- I got the most angry when I realized that after a few chapters from the ending the story has not gone anywhere plot wise. I had to force myself through  about 200 or so pages after that. You are probably wondering why didn’t I just stop reading it? Well, I was almost at the ending and the book had a secret weapon to keep me reading. Remember those random moments of epicness that I mentioned earlier. These moments promised that the story would get better but alas, not it did not.

Overall: I came out of this book wondering what was the point of all this. I have been mad for the past couple of days. I just need to do this review to lay may all anger to rest. Then I can rub my hands of it and move on. It would have gotten two stars but that is an insult to all my two stars. That and my negative reaction to this tells me I hated it.


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