Reading Week 3/31-4/6


Tigana- eh, I hate it the more I think about it. It was pretty much a waste of time.

Updating the Queue

  • Villette-  Nice but Jane Eyre eclipses it so far.
  • White Heat- hate the main characters superior attitude. I can  deal with people of a foreign country not liking foreigners. I actually would love to read more books that show foreign persons view of America.  But wait how about first there being actually character investment . So I actually care what you have to say. That is not possible when the main character is not talking about how great her stepson is, she is going into rants about how stupid foreigners are. Authors you know that you can make a tough character who does not bite your head off every time you talk to them. I would rather read The Hunchback of Notre Dame which makes my head physically hurt. At least I care when the characters goes on rants. Dumped
  • The Snow Queen(Joan D. Vinge) – Probably a good thing I did not finish this book on Joan D. Vinge’s birthday because it looks like another stinker. I will be putting it down until later when I heal from Tigana.Then again, I may dump it now. I had a dream of someone talking about this book saying it was a snooze fest. First of all someone in a dream is telling me this book is bad. Second of all most books that I dream about I do not end up liking.
  • The Snow Queen Stories -(finished)  was  good but random like only a children’s classic can be. I am not adding it under finished. I own The Snow Queen by Joan D. Vinge but not Hans Christian Anderson’s tale.
  • A Game of Thrones-yes.absolutely awesome.
  • The Kitchen Witch-average chick lit fare so far.  I probably will dump this book soon.
  • Cold Mountain- I want it to be Lonesome Dove which it is not. I thought it would be different having a male man character so far it is not. I feel disjointed and barely interested in the story. Historical fiction is not complimenting me right now.
  • The Hunchback of Notre Dame- liking how everything is going. I may not read this book everyday but read it at least once a week.


  1. Amazon acquiring goodreads. I am waiting to see what happens right now. If Amazon causes any problems to my goodreads I am just going to leave. I actually think that is an interesting idea in a weird way me going rogue. I think it would be sad because I do not have friends or family who read. I just think it would make me read more actually. I just want to see what happens.
  2. The aftermath of Tigana was not pretty. I was angry for a couple of days and starting all this new books did not help. Well, starting new books that are not good right away or have the slightest hint of past book failings really is the problem.
  3. Bronte Sisters random link:
  4. Random idea that I felt this week: Being poetic/lyrical and having a meaning does not make  a book good.
  5. Bookhaul-  I still bought some new books even though last weeks bookhaul happened. The sad thing is in the aftermath of Tigana, I dumped 6 books. Then I bought 6 books( for me) + 8 for my cousins= 14 books overall.  I will not show my cousins books because they are not going into my personal collection and all these bookhauls is making me lazy.  I got 20+ books last time that took so much time to look up books and synch to my different lists. I guess the real problem solver to this issue is to not get anymore books, easier said than done.
  6. I realized that I need to make greater plan to deal with the amount and rate of books I am acquiring.  I got rid of 6 books then bought six books. What is worse is when I get rid of 10 or so then buy 20.
  7. Library week is coming up soon. I need to read some more  sample books to prepare to possibly go to the library on library week. Then I can dump or read some books in these series that I am missing the first one to.

Plans for next Week: I am going to catch up on Villette. I (maybe) will get to 50% on Game of Thrones and The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Hopefully, will finish a book or dump some more books.


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