Reading Week 4/7-13

Main Reads

  • A Game of Thrones-  Past 50%, I made it.Some news about GoT is bothering me. I read that the show may mix book four and five into the next season. I have only read book 3 which is why it annoys me. I do not want to rush through the books just to be ahead of the show to not get spoiled. I do not even have book five which makes it even more annoying. Game of Thrones is awesome right now. I do not know if I mentioned it before but if you are reading or read the first book check out this readalong:
  • Villette- The meh feelings are settling in. Jane Eyre is better so far. I may push this book back to read whenever.  It would not be a good to say happy birthday Charlotte Bronte, oh, by the way Villette was… okay. I just feel that I am on the path to getting annoyed with this book so it is better to come back later. Why does every Bronte sister feel like writing about a governess? After Jane Eyre it is not all that interesting unless something different is happening. Overall, I just feel very underwhelmed.Put to the side until further notice.
  • The Hunchback of Notre Dame- Past 50%. I read an article that said Quasimodo might have been a real person during Victor Hugo’s time! Also, I found this painting of the coronation of Emperor Napoleon which took place in the Notre Dame Cathedral randomly for school:
  • Peter Pan ( audiobook) – I am thankful that I listened to the first chapter again. Peter Pan is worth the time and effort of going back. Oh my gosh,Tinkerbell is a potty mouth.

Updating Queue

  • The Complete Works of O.Henry[ The Poems]- I picked this book because it is poetry month. I started this book last year.It literally more than 1,600 pages. Of those 1,600+ pages I have read about 40 pages. So this book will take maybe a year or two to finish.
  • Kissed by an Angel- I felt nothing after 19%. I will let this book go.Dumped
  • eMy Sister’s Keeper-  The only thing I feel is the writing is really questionable. I used the previews system to see if I should keep reading this book. I just have some minor doubts of is it enough to judge a book on. The preview for this book was 20 pages. I am hard pressed to find anything,something that makes me want to continue in the 20 pages. I feel that it is very similar to the movie so what is the point in me reading it. Overall, I felt no reason to continue.Dumped
  • awThe Accidental Werewolf- BORING.There was such a struggle to get through the first chapter. I found myself asking why would the author start off her first chapter like this? Is this supposed to be funny? I am losing more faith in the entire (paranormal, fantasy, historical, etc.) romance genre. This chapter needed to be cut down a lot. I just find it a waste of time to continue. Dumped


  • She’s Got the Look

Should I continue this series? Yes

Why? The romance feels like it could grow instead of insta-love or sex=love. The main character is unconventional. It just overall has potential.


  1. Game of Thrones Fever is back even stronger because of Season 3 premier. I have to control myself to not just skip to book four.
  2. April is Poetry Month
  3. Letting Go Early/On the “hook” books. I have been reading previews to books that are maybe 20 or so pages. I am wondering is that enough to judge a book on, 20 pages. I just do not feel or want to have to wait 100 or so pages for something to get good. I cannot just say that I am going to get meaner and harsher on my books then never do it. I hold on to books that do not deserve to be kept on my shelf. I put these books on the “hook”. Thinking, I do not exactly like you book right now. But in the future I will find a perfect time to like you. (Yes, How I Met Your Mother reference) It just is not the truth I will not like most of you in the future.
  4. Another truth that needs to be faced in my quest to deal with my reading consumption is really, seriously letting go of some genres.   I have to stop completely buying young adult and romance books,seriously!
  5. I was doing an exposition into my reading and thinking up detailed ways to deal with my consumption. Then it hit me, keep it simple.

My Plan

Pre-Get less.
Post-Read more.

My Plan for Next Week: I will read my main reads for sure. Everyone of them is super awesome.


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