Reading Week 4/14-20

Main Reads {I wish I had a picture that could express my adoration for these two books} 

  • A Game of Thrones
  • The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Updating the Queue

  • A Scandalous Countess- I do not remember how I felt about this book. That probably means I need to go on and dump it. I’ll see how things go next week.
  •  The Personal History of Rachel Dupree- Meh right now. I am stuck between dumping this book and continuing. I just want something to make me care or really like it. I want action and adventure but am trying to enjoy it for what it is. I want it to be awesome because African-American historical fiction is rare especially ones that are not about slavery.
  • The Time In Between- seems like it is going somewhere but is meh right now.
  • Wither- DUMPED. After two chapters the writing is ehhh… Then the world building seems like it will be garbage. Mostly, it was let go because I was thinking up ways the story could be better. I cannot in good conscience continue with this. I just wish this book was not a total waste of makeup, a book that is so beautiful outside but is ugly on the inside.

g I liked that immediately  in the first ten or so pages the story got to the mystery. I was all happy thinking you can tell when a book is adult versus ya even though there is a young adult main character in both. Then, I came to the issues with adult literature. Adult literature tries to be all philosophical instead of telling a story. A direct effect is that  the author feels the need to input pages on pages of useless stuff. Why do I need to know about your mother having a disease when you are supposed to be setting up back story to the mystery? I honestly do not care at all about you and your mom. If you are going to not talk about anything pertaining to this mystery give the story back to the young girl.

  • Good Omens- Sort of interesting but not funny in the slightest. I keep rereading the first 30 or 40 pages for some reason. Hopefully, this time it will stick.


Wicked Nights

Should I continue this series? Yes

Why?  Potential even though it is only the prologue. Main character seems like she is a supernatural that I have never seen.

My Rants/Events of the Week

  1. I saw Django this week and it got me the thinking. Why is there not any cool hardcore characters? Even though this feels like asking for too much, where are the hardcore minority characters? Please make good hardcore characters or lead me to books that have hardcore characters.
  2. Bookhaul=16 books. I like getting new books but seeing how much books I get regularly stresses me out. I’m trying to read/drop half the books I own challenge, but it is hard. If  I did not have my parents taking me to the thrift store who sells books for really cheap, I would not have as many books. I was seriously fine not getting books. But they keep encouraging me to get more books.  I have bought 63 books this year so far, 63! Once I make a step forward I make a step back. I get rid of 6 books then buy 20. I am not reading/dnfing at the rate I am getting books. It is hurting me. Then, I am getting books almost every week. So every week, it seems, I have to look up the pictures, import them, then paste them. I am not getting 6 or fewer books a week. I am getting 15+ books which is becoming extremely unacceptable.
  3. Historical fiction is getting on my nerves. I think that I just need to read another Larry McMurty book. I am starting to compare every book to Lonesome Dove right now. I just want action, adventure, or none overdone main character in my historical fiction.Probably, need to give historical fiction a super big rest. I just feel that rest will not take away the underlining issues that bug me. Why are authors glazing interesting bits of stuff in the story? Historical fiction is boring me to tears and it is getting to the point that some books are going to see themselves dropped. Lonesome Dove, you do not know how much I miss you!

Next Week Plan

I will read The Hunchback of Notre Dame and A Game of Thrones definitely, probably will not finish them this week though. My main plan is to get rid of more books so I am thinking of doing a slim down for the last few days of April. I would truly like to dump 63-70 books, as unrealistic as that is. I need to come up with a cool name for my epic event of book will not finishery.


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