Weekly Reading 4/21-27


  • A Game of Thrones- AWESOME
  • Peter Pan & Peter in Kensington Garden { Peter Pan}- questioning if I really want to read the second book.

Updating the Queue

  • The Hunchback of Notre Dame- going to put this one down for a bit. I think A Game of Thrones wrecked my reading life this week.
  • David Coppefield- I am already laughing at the classic peoples crazyness.

My Rants/Feelings

  1. So the epic book slimming did not happen. At the beginning of the week a thought came to me. Would it be better to read books I do not like to dump them or read books I like to finish them. While, dnfing books is fun reading books I like is less depressing and reading slump inducing.
  2. A Game of Thrones wrecked my reading life. I came to the end of Peter Pan not liking it. I just generally was not into The Hunchback of Notre Dame.
  3. My rest of April did not happen. My library books that I put on hold came  early. I checked out a lot because going to the library is not a everyday accurance for me. Also, checked out some books that are first in series that I have only the sequel or so on to. In result of getting so many books from the library a plan needed to be made to finish those books. My plan starts officially next week so I will put it in my next weekly reading update.
  4. Dismissing Slavery Books. I have realized a long time ago that I dismiss African American books because they seem to be about the same thing, slavery. If they are not about slavery they are about being in the ghetto  or about race. That is a rant itself about how authors write certain races in restricted terms. I need to not dismiss the African American books that are out there just because it has slavery involved.


Author: themollyweather

I like to read, a lot.

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