Reading Week 4/28-5/4

Library Books( Due May 17th)

*Reserved    retelling Frankenstein

*Others  retelling of Peter Pan

*Have & Need Among Sequels  

My Reading Plan vs What Really Happened

Across Three Mediums(e-book/audiobook/physical book): Frankenstein- way better coming back to it. I skipped the letters at the beginning and went straight to the chapters for some reason. Hopefully, I can finish it this week. I am totally yelling at Frankenstein right now.

David Copperfield (decided to start on May 15)

Week One

  1. A Tree Grows In Brooklyn (2 chapters all 31 days of May )- Same issue as White Heat. I plainly do not like or care for  the book. But to go more in-depth, the characters are racist and mean. I can forgive somethings but there has to be character investment and just something there for me to care about.  Nothing happens at all. Then the family is poor but does wasteful things.I let myself clock out before I waste my time doing work without pay. Dumped
  2. Call for the Dead (22 pages for the first 7 days)- It was boring and confusing.  I read the synopsis to see if that would make me want to continue. The synopsis gave away the entire book and made me even less interested. Dumped
  3. Battle Royale (30 pages or 4 chs all 20 days)- past  50%. I created a character list to keep up with all the characters personalities and deaths. I like how the story is going so far. One major thing the book does well explaining a lot of thing other dystopias ( mostly young adult ones) ignore.
  4. American Gods (1 chapter all 20 days)- pushed forward after Call of the Dead.  I can see why this can only be a show on a premium channel. I am already wondering how are they going to do this. I started  feeling that anxiousness that comes when a book is about to get dumped. My main problem is that this book seems like it is not really going anywhere or doing anything. I think it is supposed to be doing satire or trying to be funny. I have seen the same style in the bit of Good Omens in the 30 pages I keep rereading. The only difference is Good Omens is way better so far. I am pretty much unimpressed and bored with American Gods. Dumped
  5. Chew (1 ch for 5 days) pushed forward after American Gods.– I like the world that the author  and illustrator created. The art style fits the story completely. Finished
  6. The Child Thief ( 2 chapters for … days) pushed forward– The story gets to the action right away which is really nice. Peter Pan the original story is dark so it is a good story to adapt. Another thing that is cool is there are illustrations at the beginning of every chapter.
  7. Foundation (2 chapters for 9 days) pushed forward– I feel underwhelmed by the sci-fi elements. I do not know if this is in response to picking up so many books in one day. I simply feel underwhelmed and am trying to give it a chance.

Should Finish: Call for the Dead it got dumped along with American Gods and A Tree Grows In Brooklyn.

Books left from library: 5

“Inside” Reads

I actually felt bad thinking about how many books I am finishing/dumping this week that are library books. This list speaks for that feeling.

*The Mirror of Her Dreams– I like the perspective of the main character.  I hope that this book stays good. I read the first few chapters of Lord Foul’s Bane another book series by Stephen R. Donaldson which started off really good. Then when the character went to the other world everything got confusing and I just let the book go.

*An Instance of the Fingerpost– quite boring honestly. I thought it would be better being about a mystery in the historical time period. I do not know why authors have these boring character introductions.

*The Dream– I am kind of neutral nothing really happened. Average ya fare but nothing to make me mad or annoyed.  In honesty I want to just write it off for  that fact alone. But of course I have to give it a chance because it is definitely not on the level of any of the dump books of this week.

*The Stand– I like that the beginning goes straight into the action. I picked this up because of the show coming out for Under the Dome. I do not own Under the Dome so I thought why not read one of the many Stephen King books I have.

*The Serpent In the Garden– I was not really into it at the moment. I will read it in June when my group on goodreads does the 19th century theme.


  • I miss Lonesome Dove and A Game of Thrones so much. The reason Lonesome Dove has been coming back to my mind is because I miss historical fiction that is not written poorly. I miss picking up Game of Thrones because the show is making me relive the awesomeness of the third book, A Storm of Swords. I truly do like the books I am reading now but miss these two books.
  •  I might start planning and reading books I own like I do with the library. I just starting thinking up ways to pick my next reads. For this summer I might really go out and read/dump a bunch of books.
  • My library experience so far has been really positive. I usually get four or five books then dump all of them.Dumping all the books made me unhappy and feel that going to the library was pointless. Then I felt that I should just read my own books exclusively ( I probably do need to do that). I simply like the library going to the library and I should not take that away from myself.
  • It is hard looking for books that are different. I want a book that has diversity and unpredictable plot. I want a character who has a unique job. I want so much that it hurts me to see most of these books. So many people want to be writers. I just feel that these writers are not going to bring anything new to the plate. I probably will do a full rant post. I have so much to say.
  • I went to a picnic that was outside and it  gave me different literary thoughts. First, the picnic was in a big open space that had spots for specific areas like Battle Royale, it was really weird. Then, I saw a bunch of goats that reminded me of Djali in The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

My Plans for Next Week: First of all, I will try to finish most if not all of my library books.  I will try to read more and get online less to accomplish this goal.


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