Reading Week 5/12-18

Library Books {2}( Due June 6th) with Commentary

I basically dumped all the books from the library except for two of them.

 this book did not catch me at the first chapter.

 this book was written really weird. No, not a interesting weird but a terribly written jumpy weird.

*Chick lit ( May is Chick lit month)  embodies all the issues I have with chick lit: girl who wants to get famous anyway possible, trying to be funny but fails miserably, main character who makes me not want to get invested.  Chick lit needs to do better.

 I just could not get into it. Something makes me feel like I would not like this book.

I thought this was the first book in the series but it is the second. So I cannot read it.

 I felt like the story was aimlessly going around for one thing. What really made me decide to let this one go is the typical paranormal romance main character. Of course the main character is so beautiful everybody wants to sleep with her. Of course she is more powerful than any other character in the book. She can beat her father who has been a wolf for way longer even though she is a teenager drug addict anorexic/bulimic werewolf. Having anorexia or a drug addiction should not hamper her abilities at all. I really just realized that I did not care.

* What is Left

Last Books From Library Checkout {1}&{2}

  1. Such Wicked Intent Finished While generally  liking the story a few things bother me. I kind of have a problem with were certain things came from in this adaptation. I finished the original Frankenstein a couple of days ago actually so it is fresh in my memory. So where did the twin brother come from?
  2. The Child Thief Finished extremely dark and fun read.
  3. The Red Chamber- I like the expansiveness that I feel so far. The original classic book it is based on is about 2,000 pages. Hopefully, the story continues being good. I would totally read a 2,000 page book as long as it is good.
  4. Blood Ninja- right away the story plays with people expectations. I like how it is going even though I read only the prologue.

Currently Reading

  • Little Women- got way better after I took my time and listened.


  • I feel that abridged books are annoying. I am trying get the physical copy of The Count of Monte Cristo. I have only been able to find abridged copies which is very annoying. Abridging a book is taking away something from that book. As boring a couple of chapters of The Hunchback of Notre Dame was they were there for a reason.
  • Most of the books I got from the library were duds. This week feels like one of those weeks were I dump a lot of books. I felt like I was trying to convince myself that the library books are good and I should give them a chance. I believe this reaction is from me not really taking a break from reading. I have too many books on my own shelf to sit and force myself to read books that are not good.
  • I probably am going to start doing two-week or monthly reading updates. I want to spend less time on the computer and give myself time to finish/dump more books.
  • I need to read some Asian classics. After reading about  how The Red Chamber is one of the four great Chinese classics.  I realized that I have not read that many if any Asian classics. I need to get on that. The only problem is going to be finding translation for the books. I am the point now if I cannot find translations for some of the classics I will just watch the shows to them.

My Plan for Next Week: Read without boundaries. I want to read for fun first of all then to bring down my own shelf second. So I will probably not be finishing a book before the end of this month. My reading will be all over the place again.


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