Reading Week 5/5-5/11

The Hunchback of Notre Dame- I honestly do not know what to say.

Library Books Update

Since I dumped/read more than half of them I can forget my library reading plan.

  1. Battle Royale-Finished  This book really feels like a japanese drama that would be airing right now in japan. I mean that in a negative and positive way. I am thinking about if I am going to review my library books. I feel like I have some things to say but my blog is supposed to be about reading books I own. If I do this I have to figure out how to format the reviews.
  2. Frankenstein-Finished the ending felt very different from what I was expecting. The book overall was different from what I expected. I am really happy that I gave this book a second chance.
  3. The Child Thief
  4. Such Wicked Intent- The first page is really done well.
  5. Foundation- I just felt that I was wasting my time trying to get to 19% to dump this book. I am in neutral with this story which means I basically did not care about this book.   Dumped

Books left from library: 2


  •  (The First North Americans series)

Should I continue this series? Yes

Why? The fantasy element is well done and strong right away and  has something that makes me want to know more. I have not read a book where the supernatural connection of Native Americans is utilized.

  • Oscar Wilde and a Death of No Importance ( The Oscar Wilde Murder Mysteries series)

Should I continue this series? Yes

Why? Even though, it was only six or seven pages the idea of finding out Oscar Wilde secrets sounds like fun.

  • Lonely Werewolf Girl (Kalix MacRinnalch series)

Should I continue this series? Yes

Why? I like the different elements that goes into this book such as being a werewolf and having anorexia. I can see places that the book can go wrong but see enough potential to want to continue.

“Inside”  Reads

*The Mirror of Her Dreams- My feelings that came from Lord Foul’s Bane,his other series, is creeping back in. I feel that anxiousness that comes with wanting to not continue a book. The weird thing is the book has not really done anything to warrant that feeling.


  • I read dark graphically questionable books.- I was trying to recommend books to someone who asked people for it online. They asked for books that are not graphic. When I was trying to recommend books and just looking at my general reaction when someone says a book is too gory or has too many naughty bits. I have a really high tolerance for a lot of stuff.
  • Reading is about pushing.Sometimes I am so everywhere with my reading, starting new books and continuing books.  I forget to push myself to actually finish books. The library is really helping me get back into that mode of pushing myself to finish/dump books.

Next Week Plans or more like This Week Plans ( since this post was finished on Wednesday): I will finish my two books left over from the library [already finished one of them so far]. I have already planned my next library checkout. I will definitely try to read/dump more books I own.


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