Library Checkouts Review {1}

Pros: Brutal and makes no apologizes for it, dystopian world explains were other dystopian books do not, the ending and most of the book rocked it
Cons: Just like a Japanese drama most of the characters are worried about confessing to their crush which is weird looking at the situation. I just think that the characters would have bigger things on their minds.

Pros: anti-hero, more action than first book, supernatural world is interesting
Cons: some people in the love square need to be taken off, as an adaptation there are somethings I question why he added this or that to the story

Pros: world is different, main character has a different gift
Cons: some parts are really gross

 Pros: dark, faithful to Peter Pan while being its own story, artwork is gorgeous and compliments the story,all characters are  three-dimensional, action packed throughout the book

 Pros: able to sympathize with Frankenstein and his creation, simply liked it

Cons: has some boring/hard to get through parts

Could Not Finishers

I found it really dry and boring. The story had so much potential with the gods and everything but it was going nowhere. Honestly, it just felt like a bunch of events  happening  without purpose.
 Did not get my interest past 19%.

One of the most boring and uninteresting first chapters. I tried reading the second chapter but felt this feeling of this story is going to be a waste of my time. It was a struggle not to go to sleep on this book.


Author: themollyweather

I like to read, a lot.

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