Reading 5/19-6/1


Little Women- what is with me and only being able to read the first half of bindups.

Warriors: Into the Woods- Why does this seem like a average young adult novel?

The Help- If you have read any African American literature before this will probably not be anything special. Yeah, it was nothing special to me.

Currently Reading/Updating the Queue

  1. The Red Chamber- put down until further notice. I had to return it to the library and was not able to recheck it out. I liked it but something was missing to make it a really like. I will pick it back up when I go to the library next time maybe.
  2. A Clash of Kings- put down until further notice. I really was just not into it. I am afraid of finishing all the books I own in the series at the rate that I am reading them. I only have four books left including A Storm of Swords which deserves a reread. Then after that there are not more books left until the next one comes out.
  3. The Time In Between- I am so happy that the relationship has met its end. I still am not sold on this book. Waiting for it to get to the interesting part.
  4. Until You- I read a chapter after putting it down a long time ago. I put this book down because the romance had that instant love quality and sex=love. I found the chapter to be ehhh which makes me not want to continue. I have read 100 pages of this book which means all of its chances are over. Dumped
  5. Lolita- I think it is good so far. It is something that I have been reading on and off slowly for a while.
  6. The Mirror of her Dreams-  Stephen Donaldson uses certain wording that seems off at times.  I get confused at least once every chapter. In addition,The magic system is nothing new  or really that exciting. Why is the only other female character seen as slutty? Then, the main thing that caught my interest about the female character is getting overdone a bit now. The author has her mention it a bunch of times but it is not really going anywhere so it is pretty lame so far.  I am going to keeping going though. Hopefully, it gets way better before 19%. On a positive note I do like that the lead guy is not the typical dashing tall, dark, and hansome man so far.
  7. The Count of Monte Cristo- Only read three chapters which is 1% of the book. I might be putting this one down for a bit because I need to read David Copperfield for one of my goodreads groups.
  8. The Needle in the Blood- I do not know if something is wrong with me but some of the books I have confuse me. I think this book is okay nothing amazing. It just confuses me a lot with what is happening.
  9. Cold Mountain- First of all there are no quotation marks which wouldn’t be a problem if the story was interesting. I completely find the main guy character boring. I found the girl character more interesting and liked what little development that happened in her life. Every other chapter is her story so after finishing her chapter I had to read through his chapter to get back to her. It was so insanely sleep inducingly boring and confusing. After finally reading through his chapter I started on her part but found it boring. It dauned on me I do not care. I am past 19% and almost at 100 pages. Nothing happened in the past 95 pages to make me want to suffer through more. Dumped
  10. Quincunx- I read one chapter. It was confusing and not gripping. put down until further notice.
  11. Rot & Ruin- I never connected with this book. I did not like how the world was set up and how the characters acted. Dumped
  12. Lincoln Lawyer- I read one chapter. I understood what was going on but it did not grip me right away. I realized I have to put work into getting into it. So I will put this down for a bit to read some other books. put down until further notice.

  • (King Raven series)

Should I continue this series? Yes

Why? There is already action in the first preview which is a big plus. I will be honest I did see a couple of things that could make this book not good.

Rants/Random Thoughts

  1. Ten Books I own I don’t want to read- is a tag that is going around. The videos gave me a negative reaction. I just thought why have books on your shelf you have no plan to read. The videos made me go on my shelf and be critical and get rid of more books. Every book on my shelves I want to read. It is pointless to hold onto something if I do not want to read it.
  2. I wanted a book that is interactive. I wanted a book that has a character chart or something that goes beyond the book.
  3. I am going to try to take a break from the library for a while.
  4. Book jar( cup in my case)- I have been seeing this going around and thought it would not be useful for the way I read. I read very much by mood so it is not useful in that aspect. It is however useful in helping me update my queue of books started but not finished. I just pick out a sheet with the name of the book then read it. What I find funny is that sometimes I put books back because of certain reasons for example I could not find the book, I end up picking up the same sheet. I know that I need to read that book if it is coming up multiple times.
  5. D(id)N(ot)F(inish)ing- I have been dumping a ton of books lately. I have been dumping books based on less than 50 pages. Most people say to read at least a 100 pages before putting down a book. I even used to give books 19% before putting a book down. Now, I have reached this new place were I would start a book and know immediately that it was not for me. I would read on to give it a chance but that now feels like a waste of time to me. After going through book after book and not liking them my patience is getting smaller and smaller. I have stopped reading books after two chapters. I mention this because I came across someone elses blog asking a couple of questions about this topic. I probably should do a blog post discussing my relationship with did not finish books.

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