330: Little Women


I read the first half of Little Women & Good Wives.  After finishing Little Women I couldn’t  continue to Good Wives.

The Good

I  actually cared about the girls for a little bit. I really liked the different personalities of the sisters and even their neighbor Laurie. I did not even find the mother preachy. Because, at least the girls had  a mother around talking to them  not like most absentee parents in literature.

The Bad

Something occurred to me  nothing is really happening anymore, at least nothing that interesting. After a while I just did not care. The story became boring, the gravest sin of a book. Audiobook was my friend it helped me get through it. Even before finishing Little Women I was done mentally with the story. Then I heard whispers of what is to come in the second book Good Wives. I was really done with the bindup after that.

The Meh

Overall book.

I know that this review is short but this book was ehh overall and not that much happened.


Author: themollyweather

I like to read, a lot.

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