30 Days of Reading:Days 7-13

 Update On List

  1. David Copperfield- classic
  2. One Hundred Years of Solitude- classic, magic realism Dumped
  3. The Observations- historical fiction, mystery, gothic
  4. Misfortune- historical fiction
  5. Scandalous Countess- historical fiction, 18th century
  6. Nine Princes In Amber-sf, fantasy
  7. The Vampire Lestat- paranormal
  8. Louisa May Alcott and the Missing Heiress- mystery, historical fiction
  9. Ginger Star- fantasy, sf
  10. Girl Interrupted-nonfiction Finished
  11. Orphans of the Sky- sf Dumped
  12. Phoenix Rising – sf,fantasy, mystery, steam punk
  13. A Day No Pigs Will Die- ya, historical fiction, classic  Dumped
  14. Cabin Fever- humor, middle grade Finished
  15. Tess of D’ubervilles- classic
  16. No Safety In Numbers Dumped
  17. Little Women and Werewolves Dumped
  18. The Winter Queen- hf
  19. Between Two Queens- hf
  20. All Together Dead- pnr
  21. Savages
  22. Missing Abby Dumped
  23. The Diamond Age
  24. The Mirror of Her Dreams Dumped
  25. The Snow Queen
  26. Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

June 23-29


 I am past 50% and this is not going well for me. I have a problem with books that show little snippets or big irregular moments of interesting stuff. I delude myself into thinking a book  is laying foundation for it to get really epic. Then, I reach close to half-way in a book to realize this book is not going to go anywhere. I feel that it is meandering around and it could have been way shorter. What made me really be done with this book besides losing interest is finishing my review for Before I Go to Sleep. There is nothing like reminiscing about a good book to make me realize, wow this current  book being read is lame. I see the author is trying to make it funny and feel for the main character but I just frankly… do not care. This book is straddling the fence of boring . I am going to finish this book next week but prepare to see a very negative review.


I  do not care for the main character and actively want her to fail. She is one of those stuck-up spunky heroines that are in every facet of literature. I actually was more interested in her sister as a character. The main character has potential to grow and fall which I am waiting for.  I will be waiting for that fall with a smile on my face. She is already set herself up on certain things to fall. I can say that historically in my opinion ( I am not a expert in the Tudor history) that it seems to stand true. What I mean is that the Kate Emerson is not afraid to just let characters be themselves. The characters do the things they did during the historical time period even if it is distasteful. I find most of the characters actions stupid to be blunt. I was looking for a romance angle honestly. Between Two Queens does not seem to be that so far.

ivanhoe Let me list a couple of the things I like

1. stuck up classic people

2. stuck up classic people getting their come uponce.

3. Learning about a time period

4. That I want to know more about the time period

5. Characters

6. Poems at the beginning of the chapters

I started this book last year doing a little bit of my Les Miserable fiasco stuff, not really listening to the audiobook. I felt a urge recently to start it over and read it. I am happy that I started it over and took the time to listen to it. The weird thing to realize what I thought the book was actually about after finally really listening/reading it. It is totally different from what I thought it was about.

winter qA few of my favorite things about this book:

1. fast pace mystery

 2. historical fiction

3. set in Russia

miror The more I get into this world the less I am interested. The writing is weird and confusing. I experienced this also with Lord Foul’s Bane which made me dump those books. I felt like I did not give the author enough of a chance which lead me to this book. Now I can finally let myself give up on Stephen Donaldson without any regrets.  Dumped

copperfield-01 So it turns out that I need to finish this book by July 15 not Jully 31.  Like 1. new and reaccuring characters 2. characters with flaws 3. progression

tod Still not depressed. I do not have a lot to say other than it is okay right now.

stand has already introduced 25+ characters in six chapters. I know that this is 1,414 page in the uncut version so I should not be reading this book right now. I know I  cannot possibly finish this in 18 days. My only explanation is I felt like reading it.  So far it is good  and stuff is happening. I heard that this is a lot of peoples favorite book by Stephen King. I have only read Carrie, Cujo, and little bits of some of his other books.


  • This week a couple of people told me a couple of things: I do not like a lot of books because I read a bunch of books at one time, I will not remember all the books I’m reading, and  overall insinuating I should read one book at a time. My initial reaction is bafflement not anger just bafflement every time someone comments on how many books I read. The more I thought about I did get angry. Then I come out the end of this week  not angry anymore thinking that there are so many reading habits that I do that are more harmful than reading more than one book at a time. Not excusing reading multiple books as perfect, it does have its faults. So I will do a post in itself because there are so many. If people are going to point out my bad reading habits who else better than me to point them out.
  • One major thing that I deal with reading so many books at a time is finishing. I do not want to slip back into the way I was during the other number challenges. Nonetheless, I want to finish/dump books. I want to make more progress with my books left to read. I have to keep telling my self just read. The best way to cure my book worries is to pick up a bunch of books basically reading how I normally read.

Author: themollyweather

I like to read, a lot.

2 thoughts on “30 Days of Reading:Days 7-13”

  1. I get this many times – that I couldn’t possibly appreciate books fully, when I read so many at once. I never really found it confusing, though; and if there was a even a slightest chance of confusion, I’d finish the book quickly before starting the next. I have hardly any DNFs and my only argument for this type of reading is (apart from the fact that it’s all a personal choice) that I’d quickly lose interest if I put a book down just for the sake of having a proper order!


    1. My best argument for reading a bunch of books at a time is that it is fun.To me it is like layering a cake. Some people just put one layer and that is fine. Sometimes,I can read one book. Majority of the time I put a bunch of layers because it adds to the flavor. I think that they were basically commenting on why I dnf so many books. I do not finish so many books because so many books are not good to me now. You are making me think of new topics to talk about: growing reading taste.


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