30 Day Challenge: Days 14-20

2queens I do not believe that there is anything here for me.  Dumped

Both: stand savageGood so far. I cannot wait until all the stuff hits the fan. That is kind of my issue with most of the books on my currently reading list.  I have to read through all this stuff to get to the action. I want that feeling of flipping pages to see what happens next. I want action and intrigue right now.

The Stand: I can see why people will not be into this book. It has so many characters that get backstories then die. I actually like that.

tanI did not feel anything. Dumped

btsMy feelings for this book is lukewarm. I on one hand think the book is kind of funny. While on the other hand the book gives me that feeling of dumping. I feel that the story is something that I would not be into. It is unique and is kind of funny.  I just do not want to set myself up to continue with a book that I have this feeling with again.  I will put this book down until later. I want to give it a chance. Also, I think that I need action book right now.

to Finished even thought I should have dumped it.

Graveminder- No character investment and is not interesting so far. Dumped

The Shrodingers Cat Trilogy- really wonky writing. I believe this is satire. I think that I do not like satire. Dumped

She’s Got The Look- I felt that the story was going to be stereotypical. I was asking questions and thinking of stuff that could have made the story better in the first few chapters. Dumped

copperfield-01( Chapter 40/64) I am hoping to finish for July 15 when it ends in my book club. It is good so far. I am annoyed with a couple of characters though.

Update On List

  1. One Hundred Years of Solitude- classic, magic realism Dumped
  2. The Observations- historical fiction, mystery, gothic Finished
  3. Misfortune- historical fiction
  4. Scandalous Countess- historical fiction, 18th century
  5. Nine Princes In Amber-sf, fantasy
  6. The Vampire Lestat- paranormal
  7. Louisa May Alcott and the Missing Heiress- mystery, historical fiction
  8. Ginger Star- fantasy, sf
  9. Girl Interrupted-nonfiction Finished
  10. Orphans of the Sky- sf Dumped
  11. Phoenix Rising – sf,fantasy, mystery, steam punk
  12. A Day No Pigs Will Die- ya, historical fiction, classic  Dumped
  13. Cabin Fever- humor, middle grade Finished
  14. Tess of D’ubervilles- classic
  15. No Safety In Numbers Dumped
  16. Little Women and Werewolves Dumped
  17. The Winter Queen- hf
  18. Between Two Queens- hf Dumped
  19. All Together Dead- pnr
  20. Savages
  21. Missing Abby Dumped
  22. The Diamond Age
  23. The Mirror of Her Dreams Dumped
  24. The Snow Queen
  25. Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter
  26. Tempted All Night Dumped
  27. Graveminder Dumped
  28. The Illuminatus Trilogy Dumped
  29. Schrodinger’s Cat Trilogy Dumped

Author: themollyweather

I like to read, a lot.

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