30 Day Book Challenge Conclusion

The Final List

  1. One Hundred Years of Solitude- classic, magic realism Dumped
  2. The Observations- historical fiction, mystery, gothic Finished
  3. Misfortune- historical fiction David Copperfield Finished
  4. Scandalous Countess- historical fiction, 18th century A Clash of Kings
  5. Nine Princes In Amber-sf, fantasy Dumped
  6. The Vampire Lestat- paranormal Shanghai Girls
  7. Louisa May Alcott and the Missing Heiress- mystery, historical fiction
  8. Ginger Star- fantasy, sf The Stand
  9. Girl Interrupted-nonfiction Finished
  10. Orphans of the Sky- sf Dumped
  11. Phoenix Rising – sf,fantasy, mystery, steam punk
  12. A Day No Pigs Will Die- ya, historical fiction, classic  Dumped
  13. Cabin Fever- humor, middle grade Finished
  14. Tess of D’ubervilles- classic Finished
  15. No Safety In Numbers Dumped
  16. Little Women and Werewolves Dumped
  17. The Winter Queen- hf
  18. Between Two Queens- hf Dumped
  19. Savages
  20. Missing Abby Dumped
  21. The Diamond Age Jasmine Nights
  22. The Mirror of Her Dreams Dumped
  23. The Snow Queen Sins of the Flesh
  24. Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter Ivanhoe
  25. Tempted All Night Dumped
  26. Heresy Dumped
  27. Graveminder Dumped
  28. Schrodinger Cat Dumped
  29. She’s Got The Look Dumped
  30. Little Women Werewolves Dumped
  31. Indigara Dumped
  32. The Lake
  33. Ride the River Dumped
  34. The Catcher In  the Rye

The Phantom BathtubDumped I realized that I read another book by the author that I did not like.

The Green Hills of Earth Dumped I did not like Orphans of the Sky which is by the same author as this book.

Stephen Donaldson other book Dumped  I did not like mirror of her dreams and Thomas Covenant

The Illimantus Ring Dumped I did not like Shrodinger Cat


  • The Summer Country
  • Secondhand Spirits
  • Deeper Than Dead
  • Sweet Silver Blues
  • The Inn at Eagle Point
  • Tithe
  • Tempt Me with Darkness
  • The New Kid
  • Crimson City
  • Merely Magic

The Tally

Finished: 5

Dumped: 24

Started: 44

Previews: 10

I will be putting up a post going more in-depth about the entire experience of doing the book challenge. Basically, I was going into a big rant that felt like it would not fit here.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SBCw4_XgouA This goes for the entire challenge but it really came into my mind while being close to finishing David Copperfield.

A couple of things I said to my future self:

  • Don’t Be afraid to dump books.  I was not at 24 books.
  • Don’t be afraid to put books down until later. I actually have not put any books down exactly. I think that I will stick to my list until all the books are finished or dumped.
  • So this is a win for you either you can finish, dump, or make progress in a bunch of books. Reached the 29 books in this combination.
  • Do not be afraid to take a day off. Taking a day off did not happen but I was familiar with taking the time to watch shows instead of reading all day.
  • Do not force yourself or feel that you need to finish books. (Remember the 100 book challenges) You are not going to read 30 books in 30 days because you do not usually read 30 books in a month. Also, you dump about 30 books in a month. So do not stress yourself because you will not obtain this goal. I will probably read 7-8 books at the end of the challenge because for every 1 book I finish I dump 4. pretty much.
  • Please, do not spend all day reading! Take a break play The Sims and watch your Asian shows. I did some of this. I need to find some really good Asian shows to marathon. So I cannot fall back on I have nothing to watch excuse.


mirortocopperfield-01todwinter qone hundred years of solitudesglnew kidmerelyShanghaiGirls_coverridethe-lakeindigaragia-clash-kings-george-r-r-martin-paperback-cover-artcccf ss dd 200px-Sweet_Silver_Blues inn eagle tithe twdivanhoe

tanphoenixrising adn os inn ma gm sins-flesh-caridad-pineiro-book-cover-art lmaheresy shrodinger 9 lww2queenscatcher


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