331: The Hunchback of Notre Dame


I was recently found myself talking about The Hunchback of Notre Dame cartoon movie with someone. I started comparing   the book to the movie. I felt so much excitement remembering reading this book. I think it is time now to do a review for this book.


“In the dark world of medieval Paris, the deformed bell-ringer of Notre Dame Cathedral heroically fights to save the life of a beautiful Gypsy girl about to be unjustly executed.”

The Good

  • Three dimensional characters
  • Lots of characters that have their own motivations
  • Funny moments
  • Crazy classic people moments
  • So much happened. Stuff actually happens. The plot actually moves forward.
  • The Ending. I am going to the honest when I first finished the book I was in between on the ending. Now, I feel that the ending fits the entire book.
  • setting: Notre Dame Cathedral and France really shines

I feel that I am still under selling the book.  I just really liked it a lot.  There is one thing however that I did not like.

The Bad
There are a couple of long boring chapters that do not move the story forward.


  1. I wanted the gargoyles to move like in the movie.
  2. Quasimodo might have been a real person. http://www.wga.hu/art/d/david_j/4/405david.jpg

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