Reading 7/18-24ish

I am getting bad at doing weekly/monthly updates.

Leftover Books From 30 Day Book Challenge( Highlight to the ones I actually read this week)

  1. A Clash of Kings- I am going to end up taking another break.
  2. Shanghai Girls Finished – did not like. I have gone on a dumping fiesta because this book made me so mad. I keep putting books to the side because it is not time or whatever excuse I make. These books do not deserve it. If I do not like a book from the get go and cannot find any redeeming qualities to continue I dump it.
  3. Louisa May Alcott and the Missing Heiress- mystery, historical fiction
  4. The Stand- I am going to take a break. I think Shanghai Girls killed my drive with a lot of books I own.
  5. Phoenix Rising – sf,fantasy, mystery, steam punk Dumped
  6. The Winter Queen- hf
  7. Savages
  8.  [J]asmine Nights Dumped
  9. Sins of the Flesh
  10. [I]vanhoe
  11. The Lake
  12. The Catcher In  the Rye Dumped
  13. Bucking the Sarge

I am finding out it is better to sample books before I waste my time getting them from the library. I sampled some other books but I got them from the library so my preview opinion is combined with my opinion after getting the books.

Daughter Smoke and Bone ( my picture is acting weird about showing)

+ different setting, supernatural creature, and the school seems different

-She feels like a average teen, no character investment, I am simply not feeling interested to continue

Warrior of Alavna ( first book to Warriors of Camlann)

Should I continue this series? No

Why? From the first moment the preview started I did not like it. I cannot see myself getting into this story. It does have a physically non-traditional female character.

Ready Player One  +After the prologue it gets a little better, main character seems a little interesting

-80s name dropping, had to force myself through prologue

Comments: I downloaded the sample for this book  then deleted it. I was asking myself did I want to really want to read this book. I was asking myself did I just want to read certain books just because I saw them so much. I  re-downloaded it to sample it to see if it is something I would want to continue. If I am counting the pages forcing myself in the prologue it is at the point of just no. It just is not the book for me.

Neuromancer– I was turned off by the few minutes of the preview. DNF

The Snow Queen – I don’t care. Forcing myself to read chapter. The entire what I wanted/ thought this book would be is in play here. I read Hans Christian Andersons book and thought that this book had such a rich foundation to create its story from. I thought that it would stick more to base story which meant it would be exclusively fantasy versus science fiction/fantasy. I have been pulling up so many sci-fi duds that I am questioning if I like the genre. I am going to be honest and say that I read up to chapter 3 in the book. I got underwhelmed and bored. I read the synopsis and thought the premise and overall story sounded boring. Basically, I realized what the real story was about and did not garner any spark. Dumped

The Trouble With Magic – main character, snobbish behavior towards stuff, checklist of the down to earth everyday character ( 30 years old, hates job, clutzy, cheap, hates city slickers,etc.), forcing myself to try to get through the preview, skimming then subsequently not  finishing preview. Dumped

My Darling Strumpet -Nothing special going on, main character wants to be mistress to king as a kid, character or story investment was not present. Dumped

Comment: I am going to put it out there I only read one chapter. I am sick of the mistresses or anything to do with the English royal house historicall fiction, I just feel that nothing new is going to on in this book.  Dumped


  • I saw a video were someone talked about how they had trouble getting into classics. They cannot get into the language and common classic book complaints. Basically what caught my ear is when they said they do not like classic books below the 1900s. I have this feeling with classic books except the opposite. I never put it into words in my mind but I find myself thinking most modern classics feel like they are trying too hard to say something.
  •   I have been having been really looking at the opinion on what you think a book will be and what it really is. I find it interesting especially for books that I have wanted to read for years thinking it would be … but it was something else. A book being different than my expectations is not bad. I just find this phenomenon interesting especially now that I am reading books that I have had on my shelf for years.

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