Library Bookhaul 7/25/13

I got more books than I probably should have: 10 books, I usually get 8 with maybe 1or 2  500+ page books. I got 4( one of them being 1,037 pages) I did my book picking a little differently this time before I went to the library. I actually sampled majority of these books before getting them. I think that with proper planning and testing I can save myself from wasting my time on bad books from the library. It seems very sad to be able to go to the great place that is the library which is rare when I go, to get bad books when I can get good books. I actually think sampling books does lead to another problem called books that sell good beginnings then proceed to be meandering for the rest of the book.

I inputted my initial feelings when I read the previews before getting the books. Then I inputted my first week of getting these books feelings.

First Week Trimmings:

  Jonathan_strange_and_mr_norrell_cover+ Caught me right away, footnotes are used in a very interesting way, chuckled a bit at moments, some action actually happens in the first couple of chapters, drawings

Comments: someone compared it to a classic novel which it does seem like. Just like a classic novel it cannot be read everyday. I will probably read 4 chapters one day then not read any chapters for the next couple of days.

dq -romance novel tall, dark, broad, hansome male character, plays like a romance novel a bit

+/- It is okay so far

Comments: I decided to let this book go because I don’t care about it. Someone on one of the groups that I am apart of said something about the Tea Rose and how to some people it is a feast while for others it is a fanomine. I just realized that you know what that person is right. Having books like The Hate List and such made me realize how much this book is ehh. Like I will probably say a million times in this post why waste my time when I have books that are better.  DNF

inn eagle  Beginning started off strong. I’m hoping that it being chick lit will not mean this book will be a pile of instalove or sex=love. I realized that this is chick lit not mystery. I read a bit more into the story and no. I am getting annoyed with small things already. DNF

pg Reading the Tea Rose and thinking about how underwhelming it is. I went on a rant that is old as time, how annoyed I am with England royalty historical fiction. Yeah I know that the Tea Rose is not set in England. After going on the rant I did not know how I was going to read this book. I decided to give it a try I have 5 books in this series so I needed to. I could not get myself to care about Elizabeth. I am so bored with all the people around royalty. I am so bored with most royalty books. You are probably wondering well then why did you get a book with Elizabeth I as the main character? First of all, I have five books that are this series. I needed the first one which is this one. Second of all, you will notice a self-destructive pattern that I employ, not reading the dust jacket.   DNF

Young Adult

hl  Initial Thoughts: + answers questions righ away

-something in me is not totally in love with the book

Post-Impressions: I really like this book. I was at the point of tears for almost every chapter so far. That is something that not many books can do. Not to mention it is ya who I have a halfway out the way out the door relationship with. Almost every ya I pick up is a disappointment. I got scared when the end of the first chapter almost got this book put on the dnf list. Fortunately, the second chapter killed it, I was about to cry.

Once it gets past the scenes that made me want to cry it fell back on the problems that annoyed and made me want to dnf this book.  If people ever wonder how I can dump a book when I have only read a page or chapter, it is because most of these flaws are apart of the authors writing style. I am going to see these flaws that I saw in chapter one through out the rest of the book. I was so close to dnfing this book because I knew without a shadow of doubt it was not going to get better. Finished


I had a nicely done paragraph about how awesome this book is. I deleted that accidentally so I will keep it simple. This book is the best of the batch. It has Scarlet O’Hara who is not generic. She is self-absorbed, conceited,  and selfish. She does some things that does give me pause. But then she does something that should  make me not like her but I’m okay with it.


I had a bunch of rants about these books but I ended up deleting it doing something. So yeah I had more ranty feelings for these books but I will keep it simple. Honestly, I have the same reaction for most of these books. Hopefully I can muster up the enthusiasm in my library checkout review to go more in depth with each book.

I  never could not get into:


I saw generic and ran away/ I saw promise for a chapter that subsequently went away:




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