Library Checkouts Reviews {2}

  Jonathan_strange_and_mr_norrell_coverPros: drawings, footnotes add to the story, like a classic novel, fantasy element, first four chapters

Cons: trying too hard?,  moves to characters I do not care about, satire( I am under the impression that either I do not like it or only experience it poorly done),

Comments: I just stopped being excited after four chapters.

H&NAS: 1 book

hl Pros: first part

Cons: after first part it became generic, one dimensional characters, disrespectful to survivors, inadequately portrayal of a school shooting, forgettable

Final Thoughts: It had so much potential but became so much of what every other ya book embodies,  the things that make the category. It had me at a point in the story not wanting to pick up another young adult book again. I believe the only other thing that stops me from just cutting all ties to young adult fiction is the knowledge that there are good ya books out there and some self-destructive sense to keep going.


Pros: three dimensional characters, Scarlet O’Hara is not a generic historical chick, makes American history interesting

Could Not Finishers

wind_200-s6-c30  I never could get into it.

dq I did not care.

H&NAS: 1 book

inn eagleI did not care and felt that the story was not going to go anywhere.

H&NAS: 1 book

pg I could not get myself to care.

H&NAS: 5 books

ac I felt that the story was showing a lot of generic that made me not want to continue.

9781594744761_custom-1b380501ae74b319d70c5758422a59bb340741ff-s6-c30 =parents are always the problem +characters do things that make no sense+ anticlimactic mystery. Then a big slice of me losing all interest.

tr  The characters were ehh and I really did not care about anything.


  • I have gotten rid of 7 books off of my to read list.
  • I have dumped every book but Gone with the Wind and The Hate List. I did not like The Hate List and feel that I could have just not read it. So Gone with the Wind is shaping up the be the most valuable piece in the lot.

Things That I Think I Should Do Different This Next Haul/Things I need to take from this haul

  1. Don’t get so many books or at least get smaller books.
  2. Plan, preview before I go. This worked really well even though I did experience most of my books turning out ehh.
  3. Get H&NAS books again.
  4. Go with my gut.
  5. Get some diverse books. I need to cut the strings holding me to  the monotmy of the average default character or story.

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I like to read, a lot.

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