Library Haul 8/8/13

[A Couple]Things That I Did Do Differently

  1. I got 6 books, 7, if you include Gone with the Wind
  2. I did not get any H&NAS books

I  received the opportunity to go to the library which I could not turn down. The last library haul made me angry and  realize were I keep failing at in my reading. I keep saying that I need to read something different but never do it. I  felt that a reading slump black cloud was hanging over me. It was going to rain as soon as I picked up another  book. Really that whatever the next book was it was going to bad because every book is the same book being put out over and over again.

Since the library trip was unexpected I did not get to plan like I usually do. In a way that is a good thing because I checked out stuff that I usually don’t check out.

Manga/Graphic Novels


Mangas/graphic novels I have missed you so much.

Young Adult and Chick Lit 

 Chick lit ,ya , and historical fiction a 3-for-1 not supposed to get list. I do not expect this story to do nun assassin thing justice, as mean as it is going to sound this is ya after all. I have to expect less to not get angry later although, I will anyway. Trying to lower expectations for both books. They passed the sample test, which is really something.

On Grave Mercy Cover: You would think with my I love girls in dresses book theme that I would like this cover. I think the cover is okay and it makes sense because she cannot go assassin in her habit but … her dress could have been way better looking. I can see in my mind her wearing a better looking dress. I’m going to honest, I want her to wear a nuns habit so bad. It would probably cause controversy and it is easier to just put her in a plain old dress than to do all the work that would entail.  Wouldn’t  it have not been more appropriate to wear black for death than red? Okay fine red probably represents blood but there are cooler red dresses. Well at least I like this cover somewhat. I don’t like the second book cover to this series at all.







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