Library Checkouts Reviews {3}

Gone with the Wind

I had to do a separate review to put all feelings out there that could not fit here.

Parasyte vol. 1

+funny, actual horror, dark, gory

-it has a lot of ideas jumping around that need to be organized

Comment: This is the book that I felt like I needed. I needed Japanese horror because their horror does not play games. This is not that faux young adult horror. Before going to the library I wanted something different that made me feel something.

Banya vol. 1

+ interesting concept

-confused two characters a couple of times

comments: It was okay. Is this story good enough to continue though?

Death Note vol. 1

+ lore

-execution, character investment, story investment

Comments: I  just did not enjoy this book as much as I thought I would. I will not be continuing.

Could Not Finishers

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Black Dossier

-gratuitous sex that take up 90 percent of the book, rest of the little I read of the book is meh and why inducing

To The Moon and back

+easy to read

-really insulting to people who are not young and “pretty”, convenient replacement friend, don’t like main character, sexist

Comments: Has anyone else noticed that if you are not part of the main cast of a book you are described as fat, ugly, or old? So you are telling me that the main character deserves to get the job that you are offering because she is not fat, ugly, or old. She does not deserve the job because she actually qualifies for it.

Grave Mercy

+very good beginning

-faux feminism, action is shrug inducing, main character has no personality, love interest, skips over interesting parts

Comments: The feminism in Grave Mercy bothered me. I feel that the feminism is handled in that way that all men are the enemy. It does not have room for grey areas were women are the enemy too. I would rather there being an equal playing field were it shows that men get the short end of the stick too. That is why this story or any young adult book cannot  be like Game of Thrones. Young adult literature does not know how to deal in grey or layers. Everything is superficial and shallow. I am not even talking about just paranormal romance. I am talking about the majority… you know what this is not the day to be nice, all of ya literature.  People need to stop comparing  books like Game of Thrones to other books because they are most of the time not  even alike. I did not give up on Grave Mercy because I compared it to something. I let this one go because I could not care about anything in the story and knew that it was not going anywhere interesting. I read 100 pages or 12 chapters which is luxury that I do not give other books.

Lessons to learn: A time has come, that honestly came a long time ago but I kept going.

It  is time to stop.   (if you know where this gif came from please comment it will be much appreciated)

Young adult and Chick lit/Romance books

  1. You promise awesome plots and never deliver.
  2. Consistently deliver generic/annoying one-dimensional characters.
  3. If there is a romance  present ( in the case of ya…who are you kidding all ya has a romance) it is never built.
  4. Sex does not equal love neither does insta-love telling make a romance.
  5. You do questionable things that are supposed to be ignored.
  6. I cannot pretend anymore that there is one of you that is not stupid and an epic disappointment.
  7. Even if there is one of you that is not an epic fail I have wade through hay to find that one needle.


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