Shelf Checkout 8/29/13

Since the powers would not let me get anymore library books. I decided to checkout some books I own using the system of the library. So I will check out these books for three weeks. I checked out 6 books which is  way less than what I have been checking out lately. Only getting six books means that I will probably be reading two books a week. I think it will also leave me room to read other books on the side.
My overall mood after pushing myself through Gone With the Wind is to read shorter books. I also Need to get away from historical fiction, chick lit, romance, and young adult books.


The genre that I consistently year after year do not read enough even though I enjoy it.


winter q  

For Review


I won this book from goodreads. It seems different. Hopefully I will like it.


Reading The Three Musketeers reminds me of how awesome classics can be. Then I saw all these unique sounding classics on my literati reader. I think that overall even in classics I need different. The Three Musketeers has action and adventure so far. The only thing is that I do not feel that I like it as much as I want to. I would rather, right now, for a book to be okay/good versus making me mad.

   I used the random number generator and it picked this book from my list. I have read two of  the three big name classic dystopia books( Fahrenheit 451 and 1984). Now is time to read the last one, Brave New World.  I am definitely loving the covers that artists are putting out for this book. This one was done by Joseph Lovelock. It has one of the most important things you look for in a cover. First, it is eye catching and second it actually pertains to the book. At least what I heard and the little I read in high school.  I’m starting to reminisce about me as a reader back then. I could just go the library every week day. The funny thing is I only got  two books maybe at a time.

I want to tap into that joy and excitement that I felt as a reader.


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I like to read, a lot.

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