Shelf Checkout

Have you ever seen that scene in a show or movie were a person is running from a dark cloud and it gets them then rains on them? That is how I feel right now. I just am not into these books. I know that I said “I would rather, right now, for a book to be okay/good versus making me mad.” No, I would rather a book be amazing or excite me. I do not want to push myself to read or finish a book just to do it.

  1. Mr. Parker Pyne Detective
    I am taking this book off my list because it really turned me off in the first part. It is not what I wanted or need right now. I need a mystery not an advice counselor.  I liked And Then There Were None but it seem like the other books by her I try to read I don’t like. I don’t like what I have read of  Poirot partly because he seems like rip off of Sherlock Holmes and he seems very arrogant. Not arrogant in the way that Holmes it is funny and has something to make you be okay with it.  I’m taking it off the list but not dnfing it. I will maybe pick it up whenever I have read every other Agatha Christie story so a very long time from now. I just do not want to finish something that I have feeling I will not like even if the author has had one book I liked in the past.
  2. The Three Musketeers- I am almost 200 pages into this book and it still does not have me. Objectively it has all the right stuff action, adventure, and some gore. It has so many other things that should excite me. I just should not have to try so hard to convince myself that a book is interesting.
  3. The Winter Queen- I feel that the story is meandering around.
  4. All Together Dead- Sookie is annoying me right now. She is not on the level of Scarlett but on a level enough to make me not feel compelled  to want to read it.

So basically this entire library shelf checkout is a fail. Then, my Sims 3 is not working and none of my Asian shows are doing it for me right now. I am basically staring at the walls or on the internet.

I want books to different and interesting. I am starting to feel like

Books That Sound Interesting: I don’t own it but felt like randomly mentioning it.  I’m rooting for it but inside emotionally drained from Gone with the Wind. Everything I touch turns into sand.

I am just happy to see a story that does not just stick Asian characters to: World War II, immigrant fiction, or as a side character. I am frustrated to see these things because I watch Asian shows which shows characters in so many different lights.



Author: themollyweather

I like to read, a lot.

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