August Update

I read a bit of the Forsyte Saga this week. I don’t care for it really this far. I listened to it at first on audiobook which failed because I really was not paying attention to it. Then I finally sat down and read the first chapter. What I thought I heard when I listened to it did not match what the first chapter really was. I am going to continue it. I hope that it does pick up.

  • Moby Dick is actually cool so far. I have a expectation that it will get rough later on. The trick to my being able to handle the book so far were others dnf it is, audiobooks.
  • The Stand- actually going along swimmingly as much as I complained about the build up. It needs build up and I just needed a break.
  • A Clash of Kings- yes, one little part makes me chuckle and smile.
  • O. Henry complete works- it is full of short stories which I think this reader needed.
  • Field of Blood-DNF. did not catch me  and was confusing actually.

Library Books

1. Parasyte, Banya: thumbs up

2. Death Note: ehh

3. Grave Mercy, To The Moon and Back: No, DNFers

4. League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Why? DNF

5. Gone with the Wind : beginning of the book

end of the book

Books Sampled In Preparation for Library Visit

No I will Not Continue

  1. Something Like Fate- because of the dialogue
  2. Total Waste of Makeup- why is the main character giving super obvious advice that woman/girl should know.
  3. Sweet Evil-something besides the synopsis tells me that this book will not be it.
  4. Fat Vampire- I thought that this book would be funny but it is not and the main character is annoying.
  5. Shaedes of Gray- I did not like it at all.
  6. Mermaid- the first page really ehh and made me not want to continue. Also, I read the synopsis and that made me really decide not to continue.
  7. Some Girls Bite- It follows some fault logic that I will not get into because I think it would be a spoiler. Overall, the story did not make me want to read more.
  8. The Knife of Never Letting Go- The writing is really weird which I knew about before even reading it. Then I got spoiled on stuff before even reading the book which would be annoying if I had some investment into it. I am wishy washy about this I kind of wonder if this story could become good later on. Right now the writing makes everything seem annoying. So I will just let this one go.
  9. Candy- Wish washy on this one too. It feels like things should be interesting/funny but I do not feel myself being interested. I am going to go with my gut instead of putting this book on the hook.
  10. Veiled Threats- I did not like how it started. I feel that the story will not be interesting. I think this one of the books that I just needed to sit down and get the courage to let go of.
  11. Highland Spirits- I started skimming in the preview.
  12. My Fair Godmother- I am wishy washy on this one too. I think that it was interesting that the main character is not the I think I am ugly smart loner character. However, I am going to trust my gut and let this one go.

The biggest thing I had to tell myself is do some of these books synopsis  even appeal to you. I have a lot of books on my tbr that are on there because of the cover or whatever reason. Are these books on your tbr because the story really makes you want to read it? That is the question I have to ask myself. So these are some books that I deleted off my tbr without sampling because I do not believe that I will like them.

Shatter Me, Before  I Fall

I was wanted to continue  when the preview ended ( or Should have really passed on the first two of these)

  1. Grave Mercy- It really starts off well.  It has such a good premise I am hoping against all hopes that this book will not fall into ya traps or any other book traps. Please, be good, do not kill what could be a amazing story. sorry, it killed it so boringly
  2. To The Moon and Back – I want to see more. I am kind of wishy washy on this one. I really feel though that there is potential though.  sorry again
  3. Mark of Demon- I was hooked early on. I really wanted to have the rest of the book in front of me.  I like the main character and her story is interesting.

I want to get past the monotony of the same old same old books that everyone else is reading. If you are going to tale a tale that is old as time tell it differently. Don’t give me a immigrant story were the character never ever does anything. ( controlling myself to not go on a full rant about how unoriginal most literature is seeming these days.)

Genres that I am into right now: fantasy, horror, mystery, action

genres I am not into right now: historical fiction, romance, chick lit, or really anything that is not action

Couple Things Happened this week/rant

  • Personality I feel that something that has been underlining my reading, the question of personality. Does this character have a personality? I think it is in result of Scarlett from Gone with the Wind. She has such a strong personality that I can describe. I feel that a lot of characters do not have a personality. That is one of the reasons Grave Mercy did not work for me. I am not saying that being mean equals having personality. Definitely not pushing that annoying assumption forward. Scarlett and other characters work because you see their personality in the little things they do. The Song of Ice and Fire series does well because every last character has motivations and personality.
  • I joined this goal setting site to help me with my millions of books.
  • Purging. In result of the  this: I feel that my books are a burden right now. It has been a underlining feeling that sometimes is very small, right now it is big. I just want to start over. I want to go back to the joy of discovering and buying new books. I want to go on a classic haul and not worry about how many books I have. I want to not pick up  a book and it is trash. I have too many books. That fact makes me sad. That I will be tied down to these books for another year of trying to read books I own. 266 maybe at the end of this year. What if am not able to read all 266 in 2014 that will mean another year of slogging through books. I do not want to bulk dump without reason but I have too many books.I purged hard this month. I probably purged the same amount I usually do now that I think about it. Anyway, I sat down and let go of books to put in new more fulfilling books.
  • I decided to take a break. A couple of concerns I have: Reading is such a big part of my life what will I do to replace it? Also, I question if time will make everything magically disappear. There are still going to be these issues when I come back. I would love to leave and come back and everything is better. But I sadly doubt that things will change. I think that I actually have done well so far.

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