Bookhaul 8/31/13

The premise of my bookhaul, instead of trying to make books that are not working work, get books that you will be excited about. Get rid of the ehh not working books be happy.

I don’t have the first one but somehow got the preceding books/More H&NAS

I can find almost every book in the series except the first book.
I love the world she created in Chrestomanci so I hope this world is as if not more interesting.


Yes! I have finally gotten more classics. You still will have to see me talk about how many classics I want but do not have.

I really like the covers for these books and feel that they represent the books from what I read. I need to remember to talk about if the covers really represent the books after I read them.

I read that there is a brother and sister in here. I am always (if it is done well) interested in sibling/family relationships. One of the benefits to reading so many classics is going beyond the ones you hear so much about. I want to see how this book compares to his other books.


I have read Frankenstein and Dracula. So this will finish the set. Another benefit to reading a lot of the popular classics is knowing these works for myself.
I have read 10 tales by him. There were a lot of his stories that were not in there. One of the stories I am excited for is Murders in the Rue Morgue because I read a graphic novel, which I cannot find right now, was based on it.


I have read The Time Machine and War of the Worlds which were both solid books.

One more thing I have learned, classic horror/fantasy/sci-fi is no joke.



Author: themollyweather

I like to read, a lot.

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