Library Haul 9/12/13

 Graphic Novels/Manga

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hounded-cover  lsh

What My Brother Got So By Extension What I Got

  the odyssey I may not be able to read this one because I decided to read the original story. I actually own it but took I off my list a long time ago.

parasyte-v-1_cover-artboxart_160weyes to see Already Reads: both were awesome by the way

a sicknesshave not read before hope it is good.

A Couple of things I noticed…

  1. I checked 6 /9 manga/graphic novels.
  2. I did not get exactly all the books I intended to. I really wanted to get horror novels but I did not have enough time to plan and I just was not feeling the ones I planned. I read a little bit in the library one of them just did not get my attention while the other did not feel like the right book for me at the moment. I think Gone with the Wind has really turned me off from big books from the library for a while.

Sad &  Angry Rant: During my library visit I wanted to get a nonfiction book  but couldn’t decide what to get. I really wanted to cross over into nonfiction to broaden my horizons.  My sibling was there with me and he was following me around telling me not to get a nonfiction book because I would not like it. Telling I need to sit and read the books I already picked because I already had too much. I know that he was probably saying this to me because I usually go on rants on it seems every book I read recently. I did sit earlier and cut some books just by reading the first chapter so I was good. I just feel that when I go to the library it is a special occasion that I do not get to go on everyday. So I stroll around the library staring at books and touching them. In those moments I missed my high school library. I miss going to the library and not having someone following me around and rushing me. I missed how my life as a reader was at that time. I miss not feeling so much disappointment in books.  I miss not having my library going being controlled by someone else. I am going to probably go on a rant about being around non-readers on my September reading month wrap up.


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