September Update


Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde- eh


  1. Ramona- I was excited at first to see Native Americans and Hispanic characters in a classic novel. Then I found myself feeling like a shoe was going to drop. The book was good but not great. I keep trying to convince myself that is enough. The novel is a big part a romance, which was not constructed well. Then the main characters in the romance were bland. The thing that made me put the book down is just feeling the need to rush myself to finish it. I just really feel that it did not leave a big enough impact on me so far to miss. DNF
  2. Bleak House- I did not feel caught in the story.
  3. The Book of Negroes- starts off really good. I put it down because I am not supposed to be reading historical fiction.
  4. A Thousand Cuts- annoying teens.
  5. The Stand- I want action and fighting. I feel that this is a good book but it does not have a level of suspense that I want.
  6. She Who Remembers- ditto The Stand.
  7. The Odyssey- way easier to read than other people made it seem. I just have the same principle with it as the Song of Ice and Fire series, especially the third one. Don’t try to remember every character and their back story. Simply, just read.
  8. all my library books.

-Break from reading from  27th(ish) – Oct 3.  I can never truly take a break most of the time. I find it kind of funny how whenever I want to take a break it comes at a time that there seems to be nothing else to do. My Sims 3 is not working and so many other things going on with dramas causing me not to watch them.  I will want to take a break right when a doctor’s appointment or any other waiting time comes up. Reading soaks up so much down time. I finally took a true break and it actually game me clarity. I am going to post about it.


In order of my interest level.

  1. Attack of the Titan- I like that it deals with a controversial while telling an interesting story.
  2. Cage of Eden- I am liking the incorporation of different creatures and a good story.
  3. Mardock Scramble- It is interesting but I keep asking myself would I want to continue the series.
  4. Fairy Tale-  I feel too old for this manga. It reminds me of One Piece in many ways. I do think it is its own story though. It feels like Rave Master which the author also wrote.
  5. Until the Full Moon- It is nonsensical and eh. I feel too old for this manga too.

I did not read Sankarea, No. 6, and Ninja Girls. I was pumped until I realized none of these books are  apart of finished series.

Out growing genres: I have outgrown many genres that is the biggest thing plaguing my reading right now. I feel too old for so many things that authors are putting out. I have been reading since I was a kid so it feels like one of those inevitable things.  I’m going to outgrow some things. I feel like so many doors are closing in terms of what I can read now. But I feel that so many doors that I  did not explore are open for me. Manga is one of the doors that was there but I have not explored in a while. I forgot about manga because at the time I was already feeling that what was offered at the time was not for me.  Coming back to manga makes me know how much I missed it. What I want and need to be a happy reader is not in many of those genres.

The closed doors are the themes and genres that I have been complaining about a lot for a while like  the romance genre.

Open Doors: manga, horror, fantasy, mystery…

In my transition I am feeling a big shift to reading more books with diversity.

-One of the annoying things about shopping with nonreaders is feeling rushed at the library/bookstore. I don’t feel that I have time to explore uninterrupted. Then I get to hear little comments about how I over think or dump too many books. I should be finishing every book I read even if it is bad to know the ending. I find it funny that people who do not read that much or at all really can tell me how to read. I’m getting tired of the insinuating and the little comments.

  • Cover Flips really addresses the problems I had with how the cover flips were done.

I like Me Talk Pretty One Day lips cover better than the old one. Then again I like lips on book covers. I think that giving the impression that things that are considered feminine are inferior is wrong. In addition, gendering books is cutting off a big audience for a lot of books in my opinion.

  On one hand  these covers have absolutely nothing to do with the content but they look awesome. On the other hand covers need to represent their book to better catch readers beyond just this is for boys, this is for girls. I think this more of what the cover flip was trying to do.

 why isn’t there room for both? Oh yeah, when is the race cover flip coming?

  • Diversity is Key. I have been trying to be more diverse in my reading which is a kind of hard because I feel that there are so many books out there that sound really interesting that I do not have. African, Indonesian literature, etc.

Why have I not done this yet!? Then I have to go back to looking at my not that diverse personal library.

I randomly question if having a personal library is the right choice for me.

I want to be free  to pick up books. Then I think about how much work it is sometimes for people to let me get books. So I just sit and stare at my books wishing that they were diverse enough to excite me.  Then I have to think about if I want to go diverse a lot of those books are obscure so I may be spending more than I like to spend.

Hopefully I can get people not to be divas about taking me to the library or letting me take time to look for books.

  • Pierse Anthony books: In my looking up books that should be banned I came across this book. I was told that Pierse Anthony has gross offenses against how he portrays women and pedophilia. I was questioning if I should dump this book at first. I still have Lolita. What is the difference between these two book? I just feel that Lolita is not sexist so far and is going to be written better. I just do not want to waste my time reading something sexist or offensive. Then it seems to not be written well. Sum it up: sexist, pedophilia, not written well.  NO

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