Library Bookhaul 10/3/13

I am spending more time reading books I don’t own.

I had this awesome plan of getting all these diverse books in different genres. I used about a week planning the books then spent maybe 30 minutes reading all the books I planned. DNF, every one of them. Then the books that I picked up while in the process of getting these books most of them were a DNF. So I was freaking out at this point not wanting to leave the library with books that I will not like. I have to pick at least a few books that do not fall apart in the first chapter! So I checked out 9 books, again. Don’t worry I already dnf half of them so it is like getting 4.


A weird thing happens to me frequently. I have a dream the day before going to a library or bookstore.  I had a dream before going to the library this week. In my dream I was looking for a classic book with complex characters. I woke up and thought it is time to get back into classics. I was trying to do something for Hispanic Heritage month by trying to get Don Quixote but …uh that failed. I do not know if it is the translation or what but I did not enjoy what I read so far. So it got left at the library.

I really wanted a Asian classic novel but none of them were at the library.

  It had me at  “… this is not a moral piece”. I do not expect myself to finish this book by the day these books are due. The best thing to do is not plan and just read it. If I like it I will read it naturally.

The Jungle Books

I am really into the idea of reading diverse and obscure classics. The classics that may not be talked about as much as Vanity Fair. I’m tempted to cut some more books from my shelf to get some. Unfortunately, I feel that I am cutting to the hilt at this point.

Light in the Forest

I have the movie now I need to read the book.

Manga/Graphic Novel



 Historical Fiction


Author: themollyweather

I like to read, a lot.

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